By popular demand, Le Petit Chef is once again offering his iconic dinner experience over at Grand Hyatt Bali. The ‘world’s smallest chef’ will be presenting an all-new culinary expedition following the route of Marco Polo through Europe, the Middle East and China, presenting dishes from these great regions, coupled with an immersive virtual journey.

For those first learning about Le Petit Chef, he is a 58mm animated character who cooks for you right at your table. Combining state-of-the-art 3D project mapping and highly entertaining theatrics, your dinner table will become the canvas for a visual culinary journey. Watch as the adorable and hilarious Le Petit Chef rustles up a dish directly on your plate; a scene often filled with antics, laughs and a little mayhem — because what kitchen is without it! Of course, you are then served the very dish he has prepared for you.

This new story invites diners to journey the high seas on a culinary discovery of the world. The story of Marco Polo begins in France, where diners will be served hearty dishes of the nation’s specialties including seafood bisque and brioche. His next destination features the Arabian Peninsula with its rich and flavourful cuisine, including tabbouleh and falafel to name a few. After that, an array of heavenly bites will spice up the whole Indian journey. While traversing the Himalayas, a series of refreshing intermezzo will cleanse your palate and prepare you for the coming journey to China, with its array of sumptuous stir-fry cuisines. As the final destination, the whole exciting journey will end on a sweet note with several delicious desserts.

Le Petit Chef made his debut on the island at the Grand Hyatt Bali back in April 2021, with raving reviews of the unique and entertaining dinner experience, paired with superbly prepared food. With a new journey to offer, even those who enjoyed the dishes of Le Petit Chef last year can return to discover a whole new culinary escapade.

The new Marco Polo season of Le Petit Chef features three different journeys to choose from, including the Grand Marco Polo Expedition, the Marco Polo Journey, Marco Polo’s Little Voyager and Marco Polo’s Vegetarian Adventure.  Each features a six-course dinner with prices ranging from:

IDR 385.000 net for Marco Polo’s Little Voyager
IDR 845.000 net for each Marco Polo’s Journey and Marco Polo’s Vegetarian Adventure
IDR 950.000 net for Grand Marco Polo’s Expedition. 

Le Petit Chef is available from 11 August 2022 onwards. For reservations, please contact +62 855-3903-658 (WhatsApp) or visit

Grand Hyatt Bali
Kawasan Wisata Nusa Dua BTDC, Jl. Nusa Dua, Benoa
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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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