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Yayasan Solemen Indonesia, one of Bali’s most respected and popular charities are currently working with three disadvantaged families amongst many others with disabled children. Part of Solemen’s work around the island is to reintegrate and rehabilitate family units holistically on an individual basis.These families were previously hidden away in a poor area of Denpasar without support or care from the outside. Through Solemen working closely with the Government of Bali they all now enjoy new lives in Denpasar area of Renon in clean solid housing together with wheelchair access. The children benefit greatly from regular therapy, provision of nutritionally balanced food and ongoing emotional support by the charity. Previously none of the children had the opportunity to experience play. They are now however getting into all sorts of mischief including swinging on these cleverly designed swing chairs made from parachute material by Ticket To The Moon (www.ticketothemoon.com).

The children are now learning new skills, painting and are able to use colouring books. They also play with educational toys, and attend Solemen’s regular outings which include their monthly ‘Fun Days’ where they learn to swim. They are no longer forgotten and the silence that first met the team is now replaced by laughter!


NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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