April 16, 2022 - May 13, 2022
Sika Gallery Ubud
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Bali Emerging Artist 2022 Exhibition at Sika Gallery Ubud

Sika Gallery’s annual program the ‘Bali Emerging Artist’ Exhibition is an open call for young artists (30 years or younger) living in Bali – both Indonesian or foreign. From this open call, Sika Gallery selects and curates their chosen few to display at this annual exhibition.

“This year the works of young artists who register are quite varied from their expressive works, so I think this exhibition can be more inviting and eye-opening, bolder and more broadly exploring ideas in their works for Indonesian artists to create something unique. more in the art scene in Indonesia or Internationally, that’s what I expected,” share I Made Aswino Aji, Principal of Sika Gallery.


Savitri Sastrawan the curator said, “Bali Emerging Artist 2022” An Art Exhibition selected artworks are representations of what the Bali-based young artists today excel on. Acknowledging Bali as a global village, a variety of backgrounds blend here, showing their infinite interdisciplinary approaches. Their touch between the different mediums, textures, technologies along with ways of storytelling, give a sense of how broad their creativity can be reached in this day and age.

We can see this from the way they are created. From the hand-made paintings, drawings, experimental textiles and fashion, sculptures, and the Balinese traditional way of drawing on lontar leaves known as prasi; up to crafting through analogue and digital technologies such as photography and three-dimensional modelling (or widely known as rendering). Hence, such diverse visual explorations give the audience different feelings of art making enhancement existing in the physical art world.


Ways of storytelling go hand in hand with such enhancement. Storytelling has been the pinnacle of the 21st century, not to mention the many digital platforms you can use and the short span of time you can tell it. Andy Warhol’s quote “in the future, everyone will be world-famous in 15 minutes” has gone to the roof as the younger generation lives in a world-famous in 15 seconds space. Yet, these young artists who live in the 15 seconds fame have strong abilities to tell a story through an art piece. For that we can still feel and interact with its physical presence – i.e. in the “offline” world – also, at your own non-instant pace. Thus, we identify their methodologies and stories hand in hand have succeeded in grabbing a gaze from us, the viewer.

As you walk through the gallery, you can have a try to hear Mathilde Lefort’s and Bravesouls Art’s reflective abstract works. The dreamy works of Sakde Oka, Jaka Sandjaya, and Dika Pratama show the power of lines reimagining one’s identity. Musing paintings of I Komang Cahyanta and Ilham Satriawan disrupted the common beauty we are familiar with. Using their fashion design expertise and diverse methods, Rosemarie Sutanto and Vita Wulansari reconfigure women’s position beyond their surface. Ni Wayan Penawati’s balls of cloth and Joning Prayoga’s sculptural prasi, along with their titles, call for possible experimental visuals. Tio Rompis’ and Ady Sucipta’s artworks bring a re-imagined Island of Bali known for its beaches and sculpture artworks by zooming in to their elements. Therefore, over all these Bali Emerging Artists’ works ask for contemplation of the self as a human being and one’s capabilities. For through their stories told, they are visible to our world, therefore reflective of our lives, not far from where we stand. How would you tell your story?”

Sika Gallery will still be open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Visitors can contact the management at via message on Sika Gallery’s Instagram account (@sikagallery).

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