April 17, 2022 - May 8, 2022
Uma Seminyak
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Buah Memori: Still-life Photography Exhibition by Ade Ardhana

Uma Seminyak is hosting a Still-life Photography Exhibition by Ade Ardhana from 17 April to 8 May 2022. This exhibition is the debut of Ade Ardhana as a photographer. He is exhibiting 18 artworks of still-life photography that show his creative, playful and unique approach to the objects, which are fruits and veggies.

Meet the Photographer: Available Every Weekend


Curatorial Notes by Gustra Adnyana for “Buah Memori”:

Childhood is really a game,
Unexpected future is life.

Memories and feelings are a source of ideas for him. He uses elements in his life to bring back small notes from the past. A collection of childhood fruit games that are made into games of shapes, colours, and visual language.

Through the process of his creation, he grows his own world, brings back what he longed for and creates new meanings. The Fruit of Memory (Buah Memori) turns the reflection of his complex problems into harmony. Seeking, knowing, meeting, explaining and questioning.

If you see the memories and the present colouring his works, it’s because his childhood was close to the senses and feelings. Your opinions and beliefs may differ, but we have memories waiting to mature together.

This solo and first exhibition is a new beginning for Ade Ardhana, daring to look back deep into his sweet and bitter childhood. Stated beautifully, that childhood should really grow in a balanced mind.

This event is curated and organised by ByGustra and hosted by Uma Seminyak.

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Venue Details:
Uma Seminyak
Jl Kayu Cendana no 1 , Oberoi, Seminyak.

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