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Since NOW! Bali started back in January 2009 as a printed magazine, we have held a strong belief that what both visitors and residents should cherish most on the island is its culture. For us, this is really what sets Bali and its people apart from any other destination in the world. To be surrounded by a living, breathing culture filled with colour, tradition and ritual is what gives Bali its unique atmosphere and experience. We make it our mission to make sure that in whatever we do, we remember to share, promote and appreciate this very special aspect of the island we call home.

With Bali’s ever-growing tourism industry, we also aim to be at the forefront of what lifestyle offerings the island now generously provides its visitors and residents. We hope to support all the industries that provide something to the island, from hotels, adventure, food and beverage, retail, events and more.

NOW! Bali is available in print (monthly magazine), on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram) and as a bi-monthly e-newsletter (email).


We represent the Balinese community and care for their culture , heritage , and way of life above all. We prefer culture to lifestyle, care to cash, education to entertainment.

Since we began, NOW! Bali has refused to work with real estate companies; whilst this may reduce advertising revenue, we believe that Bali’s rampant real estate industry is changing the island as we know it. We strive for Bali to support a positive, sustainable tourism economy.

Whenever possible, we support those who give back to Bali, not those who come to Bali to look after themselves.

Our Storytellers

We wouldn’t be who we are without those who share their stories through us. NOW! Bali is blessed to have a diverse range of full-time writers and contributors whose expertise and excellence are what make our media platform something to be proud of.

Alistair Speirs, Founder

Alistair has been in Indonesia since 1981, when Bali was a rural, rugged adventure. He has watched Bali’s rapid evolution and is determined to preserve what made it so special so long ago. He has been a consultant for Indonesia’s tourism board and was instrumental in the Bali is My Life campaign to revitalise Bali after the 2002 bombings.

Columns: Soapbox and Personal Perspective

Namhar Hernanto, Editor

NOW! Bali’s head editor enjoys all of Bali’s offerings. On weekdays he enjoys deliberately getting lost, taking the wrong turn in distant villages, seeing what travel treasures he may find. Weekends are for indulgence, where you may catch him imbibing on a classic cocktail or savouring the pleasures of a fine dining establishment.

Sachi Kondo, Writer

Sachi is a young writer educated in journalism with an interest in culture, society and travel. Being mixed Indonesian, she provides our readers with local insight and international perspective.

Kartika Dewi Suardana,Contributor

Balinese contributor Dewi never grew up on the island, when she returned she made it her mission to learn all that she had missed. From local temples to Balinese dance, Dewi has been capturing the island since the magazine was first published.

Regular Columns: Welcome Performance, Kids Fun

Ayu Sekar, Contributor

Ayu Sekar is an experienced travel writer and photographer. Spending half of her life in foreign countries she knows her way around the world, working with tourism organisations, travel publications and more. With NOW!, Ayu Sekar explores the colour and beauty of Bali’s culture.

Regular Column: Secret Bali

Dr. Jean Couteau, Contributor

Having received a doctoral degree for his thesis in art history and iconographic art in Bali, there is no one better to discuss the intricacies of Bali’s cultures and beliefs than Jean Couteau. He has been in Bali since 1972, in which time has made many close friends at all levels of the Balinese community. From village myths to cosmological legends, he is true expert.

Regular Colum: Myth & Legend

Bruce Granquist, Contributor

Writer, artist and mapmaker all rolled into one, Bruce certainly offers a very unique talent to the NOW! repertoire. He shares in both words and watercolour paintings his take on Bali’s landscape and architecture, always connecting it to the people and the culture.

Regular Colum: Mapping Bali

Richard Horstman,Contributor

Another artist-meets-writer, Richard sees himself as a mediator between the public and the art world. He is heavily active within the art world, whether curating, presenting or simply sharing through his written work.

Regular Colum: Art in Bali

Will Meyrick,Contributor

Renowned restaurateur and chef in Bali, Will Meyrick, joins the NOW! Bali team to offer his expert insight into food and travel. Whilst his main job sees him managing the restaurants under the Sarong Group, Will’s passion remains in exploring new countries and their flavours, the experiences of which he shares in our pages.

Regular Column: Food and Travel

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