Eco Tourism Bali: Future-Proofing the Island

Eco Tourism Bali is a social organisation on a mission to make Bali a sustainable destination by 2030. Watch or listen to our interview with founders Suzy Hutomo and Rahmi Fajar Harini, available on the NOW! Bali Podcast. In a discussion with Editor Edward Speirs on Bali’s environmental issues, they share their vision for the

Edward Speirs

Nature, Cosmology and Transformational Healing, Feat. Tjok Gde Kerthyasa | Episode 26

This episode discusses Balinese healing traditions in the modern age, speaking to Tjok Gde Kerthyasa on how both science and spirituality are important to his work, why Balinese cosmology is important to holistic healing, and also what it will take to make Bali’s healing offerings more trusted and robust. Available On:iTunes • Spotify • Google Podcasts • Pocket Casts • Radio Public About Tjok


Bali 1928: Repatriating Bali’s Musical Memories

You can listen to a full interview with Bali 1928 in Episodes 23 and 24 of The NOW! Bali Podcast: “I haven’t heard this since I was a kid,” said Wayan Beratha upon hearing the scratchy recordings of a Balinese gamelan composition from 1928. The melodic tones of Curik Ngaras (Starlings Kissing) sparked a 70-year

Barong Landung Bali Jaya Pangus Kang Cing Wie

Symbolism of the Barong Landung: A China-Bali Connection

Listen to this article through the NOW! Bali Podcast: Available On:iTunes • Spotify • Google Podcasts • Pocket Casts • Radio Public Found in most banjars across Bali, the distinct appearance of the Barong Landung characters are unmistakeable in the assortment of Balinese religious effigies. This conspicuous couple, always found together, are at face-value just symbols of an old Balinese love story. However, digging

Coming to Terms with Change in Bali (and of Bali)

Listen to this article through the NOW! Bali Podcast: Change is inevitable, and Bali is no stranger to change. It’s no stranger to development and improvement, as well being no stranger to deterioration and damage. What governs whether this inevitable change is positive or negative is those who are part of it, who contribute to

Bali's Religion of Water

Agama Tirta : Bali’s Religion of Water | Episode 17

Agama Tirta , the Religion of Water. This is what Balinese religion was often referred to before it’s official title of Hindu Dharma, as water was – and continues to be – an essential element in the rituals and even belief of the Balinese. Today’s episode is taken from one of Jean Couteau’s articles in

Naur Sot

Puppet Masters and the Power of Myth | Episode 15

Myths, folklore and stories in general are powerful forces. They are vessels in which morals and life lessons can be shared to societies, thus guiding them in the ‘right’ way of being. Myths are an important part of Balinese culture, mainly through the medium of the shadow puppet performance or ‘wayang kulit’. It is the

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