Paradise on Hold: The Reality of Food Waste and Poverty in Bali

Continuing on-going efforts to provide unemployed Bali residents and vulnerable communities with much needed food donations, the people behind the renowned book, Our Bali Your Bali, are releasing an all-new documentary series called Paradise on Hold to reveal the reality of Bali’s enduring hardships. Our Bali Your Bali When Dean Keddell had to close down

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Our Bali Your Bali – A Fundraising Cookbook Like No Other

Article on Our Bali Your Bali Originally Published 2 December 2020, Updated 14 January 2022:When the tourist gates closed back in April 2020, everyone thought that this would be a temporary setback. Like the Bali bombings, or the eruptions of Mount Agung, this was just another hiccup in Bali’s unpredictable tourist game. Now, nearly nine


4 Ways to Be More Sustainable in Bali this 2022

It’s that time again… Yes, the trend of New Year’s resolutions is here, where we make goals and promises for ourselves in the coming year. How many of last year’s resolutions did you manage to achieve? If your answer is ‘very few’, you’re likely in good company. So how can you improve that for 2022?


Community Development Project Helps to Uplift Manggis Village Locals in East Bali

Discova, the Flight Centre owned destination management company, launches a community development project aimed to revive the growth and prosperity of Manggis Village locals through educational programmes on agricultural development, land regeneration and women’s empowerment. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, Bali’s tourism sector has suffered greatly due to the closing of international borders resulting in


The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Endures: An Interview with Janet DeNeefe

Listen to this interview with Janet DeNeefe on the ‘NOW! Indonesia with Alistair Speirs’ Podcast: Publisher Alistair interviews the Founder and Director of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Janet DeNeefe : This is a special interview with a lady who deserves a great deal of attention at the moment, somebody who has been a resident


Sungai Watch Installs Momentous 100th Trash Barrier Protecting Bali’s Rivers

Whilst the island has been heavily preoccupied with the pandemic, Gary Bencheghib has remained focused on the thing that matters to him the most: protecting Bali from plastic pollution. In under a year, Gary and his organisation ‘Sungai Watch’ (river watch) have successfully installed 100 trash barriers on rivers all over Bali, helping to prevent

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Stella’s Child to Build a New Community Centre and They Need Your Help!

Since its inception, Stella’s Child has supported more than a thousand Indonesian youths with skills needed to succeed in life through workshops, skills training and job placement. Now, the Bali-based NGO has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a brand-new Community Centre that can accommodate the youth’s needs. Founded by Timothy J. Cameron in 2013,

Rainwater Harvesting: The Solution to Bali’s Water Crisis?

Bali is drying up. Over 60% of Bali’s watershed is dry. This is a story about how rainwater harvesting might just be the solution Bali needs to solve its water crisis, and how one food and beverage company aims to not only raise awareness on the island’s environmental challenges but also be part of this

Continued Community Action in Amed, A Forgotten Corner of Bali

With a struggling island economy, there are many people, communities and organisations currently in need. However, as more hands are raised in the developed areas, the calls for help from Bali’s rural fringes, like Amed, are being heard less and less. One of the most difficult parts of donating to charitable causes, especially now with

Ubud Artisan Market: Revitalising Community Spirit & Providing Opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is a vital essence of the Balinese and Indonesian character. The foundation of preservation and self-empowerment, through this energy, creative and commercial opportunities are realised.  The Ubud Artisan Market, an initiative by Yayasan Mudra Suwari Sarasvati, the foundation responsible for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) and the Ubud Food Festival

Humanising Mental Illness in a Taboo Culture

FAM Health Indonesia: Humanising Mental Illness in a Taboo Culture

In a society where the mere mention of mental illness is shunned, FAM Health Indonesia bridges the access between people and practitioners to foster a change in the way we talk about mental health, and make peace with the suffering that hides behind shame and ignorance. There are different types of mental healthcare but which

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