Ni Ketut Arini Alit: A Balinese Dance Legend Ensuring a Legacy

Born in 1943, Ni Ketut Arini is a living legend. Considered a maestro in Balinese classical dances, the now 80-year-old dancer continues to teach at her sanggar in Denpasar, ensuring that young generations of Balinese learn the proper techniques and also continue the legacy of age-old classical dances. Ibu Arini comes from good musical stock:


Fena Evans: Empowering Young Women in Bali

Truly embodying the vision of Hari Kartini, Bali WISE (Women of Indonesia Skills Education) has educated over 1750 women since its inception in 2007. Working closely with NGOs, orphanages and local schools, Bali WISE identifies marginalised and at-risk women who need help and will benefit from a life-changing skills education. “We invest in people who


Ibu Robin Lim and the Birth of Bumi Sehat Foundation

Certified Professional Midwife, Ibu Robin Lim, founded Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Earth Mother Foundation) in 1995, and though starting by providing reproductive healthcare services to local communities, their good work transcends these boundaries with operations in four clinics in Indonesia and two in the Philippines. Their ‘mothership’ in Bali is based in Nyuh Kuning, Ubud,

Margaret Barry, OAM: Empowering Children Through Education

Margaret Barry is the Founder and CEO of Bali Children Foundation (BCF), her efforts through the foundation have helped thousands of children in Bali and other areas of Indonesia. “I started the work in October 2002 after the first Bali Bomb. Witnessing the heroic and successful efforts of volunteers helping the injured, I thought that


Eco Tourism Bali: Future-Proofing the Island

Eco Tourism Bali is a social organisation on a mission to make Bali a sustainable destination by 2030. Watch or listen to our interview with founders Suzy Hutomo and Rahmi Fajar Harini, available on the NOW! Bali Podcast. In a discussion with Editor Edward Speirs on Bali’s environmental issues, they share their vision for the

Bali Ocean days

Bali Ocean Days Conference on Marine Conservation

19-20 January 2024 will mark the debut event of Bali Ocean Days, a comprehensive conference discussing marine conservation and sustainable development. Taking place at the InterContinental Bali Resort Jimbaran, an international lineup of high-ranking officials, financial institutions, NGOs, academics and sustainable economy stakeholders will gather to share, learn and discuss synergies and long-term projects. Initiated

Begawan Foundation Farm

A Spotlight on Bali’s Eco Heroes

Despite being one of the busiest tourist seasons for the island, the end of the year also happens to be one of the environmentally worst times for Bali. The wet season is like a purge, where the cleansing rains clear out the scattered litter around the island, and send it out to sea, only for

Trash Talk: Bali’s Burning Landfills (and How You Can Help)

Landfills across Bali have been engulfed in fire over the last three weeks, as dry heat and no rain have created the perfect storm for flames to rage through the towering trash heaps. This has caused a domino of challenges for Bali, from the direct hazard of fire and its resulting air pollution to the

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