Ubud Artisan Market: Revitalising Community Spirit & Providing Opportunities for Local Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial spirit is a vital essence of the Balinese and Indonesian character. The foundation of preservation and self-empowerment, through this energy, creative and commercial opportunities are realised.  The Ubud Artisan Market, an initiative by Yayasan Mudra Suwari Sarasvati, the foundation responsible for the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) and the Ubud Food Festival

Humanising Mental Illness in a Taboo Culture

FAM Health Indonesia: Humanising Mental Illness in a Taboo Culture

In a society where the mere mention of mental illness is shunned, FAM Health Indonesia bridges the access between people and practitioners to foster a change in the way we talk about mental health, and make peace with the suffering that hides behind shame and ignorance. There are different types of mental healthcare but which

Consulates in Bali

Consulates in Bali : Complete Contact Details (2021)

Below is a list of the consulates in Bali , including the latest update (1 January 2020) for contact details and name of representative. To be used if in need of help from your country of origin. List of consulates in Bali are displayed in alphabetical order: Consulate General of Australia Consul-General Ms. Anthea GRIFFINConsul


Bali Bag of Hope : Artisanal Products From (and For) the People of Bali

Imagine a bag filled with amazing artisanal and organic products that were not only made in Bali by local producers, but also helps to drive a community-based economy through the pandemic. This is the Bali Bag of Hope. There have been many positive community and charitable movements that started in 2020, the silver lining from

From the Ground Up: Regenerating Bali’s Agriculture the Astungkara Way

Spearheading a new era of agriculture, The Astungkara Way heeds regenerative actions to redefine Bali’s farming system— and it all starts from the soil. The conventional farming practices of over-fertilising and frequent tilling have proven to not only be problematic and counter-productive, but ultimately undermines the nutritional value of the food we consume.  The chemicals

Our Bali, Your Bali – A Fundraising Cookbook Like No Other

When the tourist gates closed back in April, everyone thought that this would be a temporary setback. Like the Bali bombings, or the eruptions of Mount Agung, this was just another hiccup in Bali’s unpredictable tourist game. Now, nearly nine months later, that thinking has long subsided and the island’s economy (along with that of

The Ongoing Challenges of Eco-Sustainability in Bali

Bali’s environmental challenges are well-known and ongoing. One of the main obstacles is how to manage household waste effectively. Every day the quantity of landfill waste dumped at Bali’s largest rubbish site, TPA Suwung, South Denpasar, is enormous, and beyond its capacity. Village administrations throughout the island are directed by the government to minimise the

Bali Groceries The Good Way: Eco-Friendly, Local, Delivered to Your Door

The pandemic has modified a number of collective behaviours, one of them being our shopping habits. With online purchases practically a snap of a finger away, the majority of businesses have embraced the readily-available digital platforms to keep up and running. If like us, you’ve been supporting small businesses, the current economic struggle has opened

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