Supply & Demand: The Future of Farming in Bali

With the rising success of Bali’s restaurant scene, the food and beverage industry are increasingly championing island produce and producers. Chefs and restaurateurs have bolstered their support of local economies and sustainability. This relationship has fostered innovation and improvements in the region’s agricultural industry. Yet, challenges arise for the future of farming in Bali, which

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Designed to Last: Lessons from Bali’s Tourism History

Bali’s tourism industry seems to constantly be at a challenging crossroads. A perpetual tug-of-war between tradition and modernity, pulling at each other from opposite sides. Though ironically, both are equally necessary. It is rwa bhineda, the Balinese philosophy of duality, at work. Tourism has been growing for a century and despite how much of a

Our Publisher Looks Back at Fifteen Years of NOW! Bali

I perhaps should not tell you this, but I didn’t really want to start NOW! Bali. I was perfectly happy publishing two marvellous magazines called Jakarta Java Kini (JJK) and Hello Bali, but my partner at the time had other ideas and took over the company, leaving me with a bit of a dilemma since


Lessons from Japan

Many think of Japan as a high-tech, industrial powerhouse, perhaps waning in the shadow of China’s mega-economy, but nonetheless, still an example of efficiency and innovation. Behind that, diligence, dedication and sheer hard work. And we would not be wrong. Japan has not faded, it has only recently been overshadowed.  Outside of the global economy,

Bali’s Own Version of ESG

Sustainability is, thankfully, all the rage these days, as people finally get to grips with their personal and corporate responsibilities to the planet and to the communities in which they live. Some people measure their personal carbon footprint to try to limit the damage they do to the environment through travelling by plane, train or

Homogenisation, Dilution and Disorganisation

Sounds like a food processing factory, doesn’t it? But that’s not what I’m talking about; it all refers to our much loved, but not much cared for, destinations, here in Indonesia, and to a great extent, all over the world.  I used to be in the insurance business and we spent a lot of time

Branding the ‘Perfect Island’

Do you instinctively know if something is right or possibly more easily feel it when something is wrong? Do you stop and go “hmmm, that ain’t quite right”. Or are you a “shrugger” and just say it’s really not your business? I’m afraid I am very much one of the former. I spend a lot

Ramadan, and the Upholding of Tolerance in Bali

The holy month of Ramadan begins on 23 March. So, it is a perfect occasion to ponder about the way religious tolerance functions (or mis-functions) in Bali. I am using these two words because it is part of conventional wisdom – or rather of conventional politics —to assess that religious tolerance is a given reality.

Duality & the Commercialisation of the Spirit

The commercialisation of Eastern spirituality began in the USA. “In America is the place, the people, the opportunity for everything new,” wrote Swami Vivekananda before he left India in 1893.  Vivekananda had learned from his guru, Sri Ramakrishna, that the world’s religions “are but various phases of one eternal religion”, and the spiritual essence could

Bali’s New Year Resolutions

This article is available as a Podcast episode. Listen here: 2022 was an important year of recovery for Bali and, with a sigh of relief, we can see that the economy has bounced back and that the business, communities and individuals are not only surviving, but thriving! How far we have come from the desperate

War, Art and Peace: Bali as an Example of Balance for World Leaders

Bali is Indonesia’s window to the world. This role comes into full bloom with more and more global events taking place on the island, such as the the IMF and G20 summits. Whilst Bali participates in international affairs, on the other side of the coin, the world, too, participates in Bali’s affairs. In fact, Bali’s

50 Thrifty Ways to Help Save Bali and the Planet

Every day we make choices in our lives that affect the environment, the climate and other species that we share in this amazing world with. But there’s actually a lot more that we can do to reduce our environmental footprint to leave more room – and better conditions – for wild animals and plants. Of course,

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Maintaining the Balance of Nurture

No, it’s not a typo, it’s just a play on words, hopefully with a deeper meaning, which I will try to explain! We are all now so conscious of the whole climate change factors, the constant babble about bringing emissions down to zero, reducing energy usage, converting to renewables, recycling, repurposing and refusing, etc. etc.,

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