Bali Forever: Creating a Sustainable Tourist Economy

Bali’s tourism industry is passed its carrying capacity. Environmental-economist Sean Nino shares his solutions and vision on how to effectively manage the island’s resources for a greener, more environmentally-friendly future. For the longest time, Bali has measured the success of its tourism industry based on one metric: tourist arrivals. This means that ‘improvement’ is predicated

Edward Speirs

Is ‘Nature Healing’ in Quiet Bali?

With the term ‘Nature is Healing’ becoming popular over the internet during Covid-19 lockdowns worldwide, NOW! Bali speaks to environmental experts on the island to see whether this trend was also visible in Bali. The reduction in human activity during the outbreak has reportedly had fascinating impacts. When cities came to a sudden standstill, the

Has Bali Painted Itself into a Corner?

Have you ever seen that great cartoon of the man proudly doing his own home decoration, setting himself high standards of quality and finish , carefully preparing his work tools and his schedule then finally starting on the “ piece de resistance” a magnificent wooden floor he has sanded and buffed, and now is varnishing…

Going Off Grid: Becoming Self-Sufficient in Times of Crisis

What Covid-19 has taught us, amongst a multitude of other lessons, is how incredibly dependent we all are on the economic system. When the wheel stops, we begin to realise that our most basic needs may become more difficult to attain — food, water, electricity, it’s all gone if we aren’t all getting paid. So,

Covid-19 & The Island: Words with Bali’s Tourism Industry

With tourism at a dead end in Bali, NOW! Bali speaks to some industry leaders to hear their insights and thoughts on the Covid-19 situation. Looking to hear from different sides of the industry, we hear from the board of the Bali Hotels Association, as well as Jack Daniels, owner Bali Discovery Tours,and the editor

What Makes the Perfect Bali Holiday?

There isn’t much talk about holidays going on at the moment as the entire world – well quite a lot of it – is actually stuck indoors, locked down or social distancing or whatever the local discipline is called.  But maybe many of those people are already beginning to get the urge, possibly stronger, a

Promoting Bali, The Right Way

Having shared his thoughts on preparing Bali for when travel re-opens again in his last article, “After Covid-19: What Next?“, Alistair Speirs shares another idea. With Bali empty right now, it gives the island an opportunity to reinvent itself when it welcomes visitors again. Now is the time to say, “Hey, who do we want


Setelah COVID-19 di Bali, Apa yang Harus Kita Lakukan?

Semua krisis pasti berakhir. Biasanya, krisis yang terjadi malah menimbulkan krisis lainnya karena kemampuan kita untuk kembali pulih hampir sama dengan kemampuan kita untuk merencanakan, ujar Alistair Speirs, yang telah melalui berbagai krisis di Indonesia: mulai dari kerusuhan hingga gempa bumi, hingga resesi finansial dan tsunami. Seandainya kita mau jujur untuk membandingkan durasi dan program


After Covid-19 : What Next?

Some background and some ideas from Alistair Speirs OBE, Managing Director of Phoenix Communications, who has spent many years in Post-crisis action and wants to make sure we do better this time around.  The crisis will end. They all do. And usually precipitate another because our ability to recover is pretty much equal to our

Health & Wellness in Uncertain Times

There has never been a better time to be a conscious of ‘wellness’ than now while we are facing a worldwide pandemic of a new and exceptionally virulent virus: COVID-19. While here in Bali we have been – up to now – less affected than many places, the simple fact is that no–one and nowhere

Food for Thought : Is Food Just Fuel?

Food. It’s just fuel for our bodies, isn’t it? The stuff we need to ingest to stay alive and well. That defines it all in one short sentence. “The stuff”: we need a certain combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, nutrients, vitamins and roughage to keep the blood flowing, the cells forming and the brain active.

Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

It’s funny how some people just can’t enjoy the delights of food and drink. They are only interested in the nutritional value, the calorific value, the balance, the origin and the composition of their food. “Sustenance” rather than food, just fuel to keep the body going, but increasingly fine-tuned to all the critical factors above:

February is The Month of Love or Is It?

I have two questions to aks about this. Firstly, why? Who was this person, Saint Valentine, who condemned us to a singular focus on love in February? Was he a great romantic, or perhaps a figure of tragedy who died heartbroken? Secondly, what is this thing called love anyway? Let’s start with Saint Valentine. It

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