Discover Paradise at Your Doorstep at Amber Lombok Beach Resort

Embark on a serene tropical oasis where the rugged wilderness meets crystal-clear waters at Amber Lombok Beach Resort. The resort’s heavenly location together with the warm and hospitable staff, effortlessly integrates culture, culinary excellence, and art, welcoming guests into a rejuvenating experience where time seems to come to a complete halt. An exquisite boutique resort

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Best Wedding Venues in Bali - Hotel Indigo Bali 2

Best Wedding Venues in Bali: Tying the Knot in Paradise

From wedding chapels set amidst the breathtaking cliff tops of the island’s southernmost coastline to those located on pristine beachfront and the verdant jungle hilltops, exchanging your vows on an island such as Bali, where romance is celebrated at its best, will leave an everlasting mark on you. With this curated list of some of

Seascape Resort Sanur: A Stunning New Adults-Only Retreat

Offering something fresh to this charming coastal destination, the newly opened Seascape Resort Sanur invites guests to an intimate, adults-only retreat. This stylish boutique accommodation features a selection of luxurious villas and suites, plus a couple’s spa and Japanese restaurant with views overlooking the ocean. Sanur, with its calm and quaint beachfront, has long been a favourite for families.

River Villa 1

Experience Cosy Island Living at the River Villa

Those in search of exquisite accommodation on your tropical getaway to Bali can find solace in the River Villa, a brand-new villa in the popular Pererenan neighbourhood. Quickly developing as one of the most desirable areas on the island, Pererenan is known for its cosy neighbourhood ambience, diverse culinary scene, and close proximity to the

Hotel Tugu Lombok 3

Hotel Tugu Lombok: A Picturesque Tropical Paradise on Northwest Lombok

Nestled on the enchanting shores of Lombok’s northwest coast, Hotel Tugu Lombok embodies “paradise on earth”. Blessed with a kilometre stretch of the pristine white sandy beach of Sire, the boutique hotel is a private tropical sanctuary that exudes the timeless ambience of tropical Lombok. Framed by the majestic sunrise over Mount Rinjani, Hotel Tugu

Sudamala Resort Senggigi

Immerse in the Allure of Lombok at Sudamala Resort, Senggigi

Located in Mangsit village, along the west coast of Lombok, immerse in the allure of Lombok’s mesmerising natural beauty, from its lush tropical mountains to its white sandy beach at a charming coastal oasis: Sudamala Resort, Senggigi. The resort’s tranquil grounds is home to 35 exquisitely designed suites and villas, where guests will be immersed

Pramana Natura Nusa Penida 1

Experience an Elegant Coastal Getaway at Pramana Natura Nusa Penida

Nestled amidst the verdant sloping cliffs of Nusa Penida, Pramana Natura Nusa Penida is an elegant coastal getaway. As part of the esteemed Pramana Hotels Collection, the resort presents guests with an exceptional paradise of luxury and serenity. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the oceanic world, the resort has been designed to guide

MĀUA Nusa Penida - Pool-with-Aroha-and-Kowhai

An Opulent Island Escape Awaits at MĀUA Nusa Penida

Discover the beauty of Nusa Penida in luxurious comfort where exceptional hospitality and enchanting landscapes await at MĀUA Nusa Penida. Graciously resting on the hilltop of Gamat Bay, the opulent five-star resort provides an exquisite stay experience amidst the island paradise. Designed in harmony with its natural landscape, the resort combines concrete modern architecture with

Amber Lombok 1

Experience a Tranquil Seaside Escape at Amber Lombok Beach Resort

Elegantly situated along the pristine coastline of South Lombok, discover a tranquil seaside escape a short 30-minute drive from Lombok Airport: Amber Lombok Beach Resort. Immerse in an oasis of serenity and refined luxury, graced by mesmerising landscapes and picturesque panoramas, this exquisite retreat beckons globetrotters to unwind and bask in the sophisticated simplicity of

Amora Ubud Boutique Villas: A Secluded Valley Escape

The word ‘escape’ is often exaggerated when it comes to travel destinations, but for Amora Ubud, quietly settled on the verdant Campuhan Ridge, it is most definitely a reality. This boutique villa resort has captured the essence of the island’s natural beauty, welcoming guests into comfy, Balinese-inspired accommodation surrounded by Ubud jungle and valley views.

Plataran Komodo 1

Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa: A Luxurious Gateway to Komodo Island

Gracefully nestled in a secluded enclave on Waecicu Beach, Plataran Komodo Resort & Spa is a stunning beachfront oasis that provides adventurous globetrotters with a luxurious entryway to discover the beauty of Komodo National Park off the beaten path. Set off on a voyage across the enchanting archipelagic tapestry of Flores and explore a realm

Exotic Adventures Around the Cape of Flowers

When Portuguese traders arrived on the eastern shores of this rich island they were welcomed by the fiery canopies of the striking Delonix regia, a gorgeous flowering tree known locally as ‘Flamboyan’. Such a sight were its flowers that inspired the settlers to give the land a new name: Cabo de Florensis, the ‘Cape of

AYANA Lako di'a

All Aboard AYANA Lako di’a

A trip to Flores beckons an adventurous exploration across the natural wonders of the ‘Cape of Flowers’. There’s no better way to do that than to embark on a two-day expedition on the lavish AYANA Lako di’a, the luxury yacht of the award-winning five-star resort, AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach. Guests can reserve one cabin of

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