Music for the Soul

With new bars and clubs popping up all the time, the music scene in Bali is taking a huge turn. Big DJs are flown in to blast their beats at midnight dancers, house and electronic music reverberating around the flashing dance floors. This isn’t for everyone though – some of us prefer the old school

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Tropical Gratitude

Living in the tropics is good for the skin; the warm moist air allows the skin to luxuriate and breath. The timeless faces of the traditional Balinese as seen in images from eras past attest to a graceful aging that allows for wrinkles to be a map to the millions of smiles beamed out over

Active Facial Rejuvenation

Vietura has just recently unveiled its newest treatment package, “Active Facial Rejuvenation”, a thorough rejuvenation session for those looking for a brighter complexion and younger looking skin. The two-hour treatment includes a facial skin spa, aimed at a gentle facial cleansing treatment that also exfoliates and hydrates your skin. The result is a complexion that


AYANA Resort & Spa Bali is home to one of the world’s largest Aquatonic® Seawater Therapy Pools, providing the natural curative properties of seawater through Thalassotherapy. An ancient healing ritual dating back 5,000 years, the term ‘thalassotherapy’ was coined in France in the 19th Century from the Greek ‘thalassa’ meaning sea and ‘therapeia’ meaning healing.

What Men Want

The latest addition to the menu at W Bali’s AWAY Spa is the “Men’s Spa-Tacular Treatments” that are designed based on what men want. Treatments that range from “Man Up Facial” (men’s only facial providing the purest ingredients, deep cleansing, and rehydrating as well as hot towel compress with neck and shoulder rub) to “Top

An Adventure Into Spa

The island adventure theme this month means getting out and about, finding mountains to climb, rapids to ride and rice paddies to walk through and it also means checking out some of the best locations in which to indulge in Bali’s very best spa treatments. Seeking out local treatments and ingredients lends authenticity to your

Men’s Relaxing Facial At The Spa

Men’s Relaxing Facial At The Spa After a long day at the beach, exploring the island, or simply lazing around by the pool, The Spa at The Breezes Bali Resort & Spa is where not only women, but also a lot of men go to treat their minds and bodies to a relaxing spa treatment–

Treatment For Two

For the Valentine’s month of February, NOW! Bali visits our favorite places to celebrate romance. With the help of these gorgeous spa destinations, you can feel romantic anytime – with or without a partner! At the beautiful Samaya Spa in Seminyak you can become inspired by the ocean and take the opportunity to enter a

Seven Unique Spa Treatments

Seven is a very special year in many cultures and this month the Spa team of NOW! Bali are celebrating seven years of spa features. Unique spas treatments are part of what makes Bali Spas so special be that the location, the treatment, the ingredients or the ambience. We are proud to introduce you to

Cave and Cove

From hand-made jewelry, bags, and shoes to self-published books, limited edition prints, ceramics, and home décor, Cave and Cove is proud to stock its products from local, emerging brands and independent artisans. And just recently celebrating its 2nd year, Cave and Cove is offering some special promos and giveaways at the shop throughout their birthday


Dinda Rella entertains its customers with laces, frills, feathers and Swarovski. Ladies on the island who like to dress up and are very fashion-conscious should know Dinda Rella, a label synonymous to the island’s high fashion. Dinda Rella was launched with the vision of building a brand that specializes in creating a captivating gown that


BIASA’s new creative concept store, BIASA+ is a uniquely curated retail space combining art, fashion and lifestyle. Located in Seminyak, the store sees the building which formerly housed only BIASA ArtSpace transformed to reflect a new concept. The new space showcases resort-wear for men and women through BIASA, contemporary art through BIASA ArtSpace and a

Spa for Two in Bali Alaya DaLa Spa

Spa For Two: Couple’s Treatments Perfect for Valentines Day in Bali

Nothing says self-indulgence more than a lineup of exclusive spa treatments. Spend a day (or a full weekend) of relaxation with your significant other to escape the daily hustle and bustle, spending quality time together in one of Bali’s most intimate, tranquil spa locations. This Valentine’s month, take advantage of these special couple’s treatments and

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