An Elevated Sound Meditation Experience at The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Responding to the growing awareness and appreciation for wellness experiences The Apurva Kempinski Bali has launched a Sound Meditation Programme, designed to help their guests explore healing opportunities and achieve mindfulness. The programme was launched in celebration of the international event, Global Wellness Day, which takes place annually every second Saturday of June. The luxury

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The Healing Village Spa

The Healing Village Spa: The Portal to Your Wellness Journey

If you have yet to visit The Healing Village Spa at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, then be prepared to be transported to a tranquil sanctuary centred on the latest in global wellness practices. Here, age-old wisdom is combined with modern awareness in innovative healing treatments under their seven pillars of healing attributes:

An Alternative Healing Experience in Bali

With its mystical atmosphere, Bali is renowned for offering wellness experiences beyond ‘the norm’. Ketut Jaya is one to provide such an experience, offering a traditional, alternative massage unlike any other. Whilst massages, meditation, spas and yoga might be on the regular repertoire of wellness in Bali, many descend upon the island seeking health beyond

Enter Shambhala : Experience Rejuvenation at COMO Uma Canggu

Inside COMO Uma Canggu, a wellness retreat presents age-old health traditions in a stylish, almost futuristic setting. Nestled in the heart of Canggu lies one of the island’s finest wellness sanctuary, COMO Shambhala Retreat, located within COMO Uma Canggu. As part of the international COMO Hotels and Resorts brand, well-known for its ethos on health

Blow Bar Bali : The Ultimate Blow Dry

If you’re after a some pampering on the island of the gods, then head to one of Seminyak’s most lauded salons, where your manicure comes with a martini and your blow dry comes with bubbles. Blow Bar Bali is a beauty salon that doubles as a social hangout and every patron is encouraged to ‘drink

Couples Spa Experiences in Bali - Alaya Dala Spa

7 Best Couples Spas in Bali : Romantic Couples Massages and Experiences

Heighten your senses for a sensual day with your loved one with these amazing couples spa in Bali . Treat your special someone to one of the most luxurious spa experiences the island has to offer.  With its captivating culture and mouth-gapingly beautiful views, few destinations evoke such romance as Bali. An island of rainforest, rice fields, and dramatic coastlines, it’s a haven for honeymooners with a world-class spa culture to match. So if

New Year, New Me : Feeling and Looking Fresh for 2020

After the champagne, confetti, and timely reunions comes the opportunity for a fresh start. Whilst we often shoot for the moon with our New Year’s resolutions, NOW! Bali believes its best to start simple, by starting 2020 feeling renewed and looking fresh to welcome a new decade and birth in a new you. The festivities

Terapung Float Club - Flow & Float-thumb

Flow & Float : Is This The Ultimate Wellness Combination?

For those who love to start their day feeling revitalised, focused and refreshed, this combination wellness experience may be the perfect morning routine. Combining two health and wellness practices, yoga and floatation, Terapung Float Club in Seminyak gives you ‘Flow & Float’. Starting with a 60-minute yoga session, stretch and release the tensions in your

Eyelash Extensions at Heavenly Spa by Westin

To embody the brand mantra ‘wellness through travel’, Heavenly Spa by Westin puts a focus on holistic wellness and healing practices, where guests can unwind in yoga classes or purify the body and soul in Balinese healing sessions. When the need for essential beauty care arises, Westin’s tranquil studio Heavenly Spa steps in with a

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