Pura Melanting: Of Merchants and Mysteries

An impressive stairway, lined by vibrant carvings of mythical dragons, marks the entrance to this important temple, found on the dusty mountainsides of Buleleng Regency, north Bali. As a kahyangan jagat, or universal temple, Pura Melanting is visited by all Balinese Hindus, especially those in search of success in business. The history of this temple

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Water Palaces of East Bali

Traversing the picturesque roads to the coastal outskirts of east Bali is an adventure in and of itself, where one’s journey is accompanied by verdant rolling hills on one side and ocean panoramas on the other. Most popular for its outdoor offerings, the east also hosts some historical highlights worth visiting, including the elaborate ‘estates’

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All-Round Entertainment at the New Kupu-Kupu Kids Club

Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta is well-known as a go-to destination for families on holidays. The resort has recently renovated its Kupu-Kupu Kids Club featuring a new concept equipped with improved modern facilities and activities that accommodate kids of all ages. With a design aptly themed around the concept of ‘kupu-kupu’ (butterflies), kids can enjoy

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Thrash Your Way Down the Ayung River on a White Water Rafting Adventure

When it comes to thrills and outdoor activities, Bali has no shortage of hair-raising, heart-pumping and adrenaline-filled activities to choose from. A popular outdoor pastime one can experience in Bali is of course white water rafting and Mason Adventures is ready to take you on this exciting downstream excursion. With over three decades of adventure

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Bali for Kids: Best Recreational Parks in Bali for Families

Here in Bali, there are some great destinations to keep kids entertained for the entire day. The island is home to many family-friendly parks, which make for a memorable excursion for both kids and adults. From waterparks to bird parks, and elephant sanctuaries to safaris, there’s plenty of choice for a fun family day out.

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9 Best Kids Clubs in Bali

Taking the family on a summer escape to the island of the gods is always a great idea. However, as parents know, travelling with kids can be a challenge: keeping them constantly entertained and tending to their every need! Luckily, Bali has a superb collection of professional kids clubs that can care for young ones,

Pura Dalem Jagaraga, History Carved into the Walls

Mentioned briefly in our travel feature on North Bali, Pura Dalem Jagaraga deserves its own story, as this temple shares insight into Bali’s colonial history and indeed typifies the distinct characteristics of the northern temples. Pura Dalem Jagaraga is found in the Sawan district of Buleleng Regency. It stands quietly on a village road, opposite

Museum Gedong Arca: Clues from Prehistoric Bali

For the history buffs out there, Museum Gedong Arca in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, is a lesser-visited museum that houses ancient artefacts dating back to Bali’s palaeolithic era, including the largest collection of ancient sarcophagi. Most people’s perception of Balinese history is dominated by events of the last millennium. If we rewind the clock, we will see

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8 Best Family-Friendly Beach Clubs in Bali

The summertime calls for fun family times under the sun and one of the most popular pastimes during a holiday in Bali is spending leisurely days at one of the island’s top beach clubs. But not all beach clubs are made the same! To make sure you don’t accidentally end up at one of Bali’s


Out for a Family Adventure: Best Outdoor Family Activities in Bali

One of the best things about Bali is that it offers a whole host of outdoor experiences, great for children and adults alike. With its rugged and mountainous landscape filled with verdant forests, down to the coastline where white sands and sparkling seas await, the island is one giant playground for the adventurous soul. There

Into the Wilderness of West Bali National Park

On a far-flung corner of Bali, the distant West Bali National Park invites visitors to explore the riches of the island’s natural environment. Home to an array of flora and fauna living in the park’s variety of habitats, it is a destination for birdwatchers, nature lovers and escapists, far from the distractions of everyday life.

Pura Samuan Tiga and the Evolution of Bali’s Temple Philosophy

The structure, philosophy and positioning of a Balinese temple is no accident. It is well thought out, imbued with symbolism and the result of history. Pura Samuan Tiga is part of that history: a temple where wise men gathered centuries ago to unite Bali’s religious sects and redefine temple planning across the island. Located in

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Trans Studio Bali: Experience Bali’s Epic Indoor Theme Park

Trans Studio Bali is a destination full of surprises. Found inside the Trans Studio Studio Mall Bali, this epic indoor theme park features a whole host of activities to try, from world-class rides to family shows and immersive walk-through worlds. Providing a great indoor experience for when Bali’s weather takes a turn for the worse,

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