A Special Temple for Durga, The Goddess of Death

Deep in the regency of Gianyar, a temple stands quietly on the side of the busying main road. An expansive parking lot hides the beautiful mysteries found beyond: a temple dedicated to Durga, ‘The Goddess of Death’, with a statue of the deity enshrined inside. Pura Kahyangan Jagat Bukit Dharma Durga Kutri is a lesser-known temple.

Green Camp AYANA - Outdoor Adventure Day - Kayaking

AYANA Bali Launches Nature-Driven School Holiday Programmes

Encompassing an impressive 90-hectare grounds of lush jungles, fertile gardens, and spectacular coastline, AYANA Bali’s expansive integrated resort provides the ideal destination for nature-inspired day camps in collaboration with leading childhood educators. Following last year’s successful launch of Southeast Asia’s pioneering “destination camp” for children within a resort, AYANA Bali has introduced its enhanced nature-inspired

NB OCt 22 - Lombok - Desa Sade_3

Discovering the Craft and Culture of Lombok

Lombok – an island on the West Nusa Tenggara province that forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, where the Lombok Strait separates it some 128 km away from the island of Bali to its west, the Alas strait between it and the Sumbawa islands to the east. To most

Nusa Penida

Experience a Rugged Adventures on Nusa Penida

If you’re in the search for an exotic island escape that’s more secluded than Bali, a place much more off-the-grid, where it’s just you and the profound beauty of nature, try exploring the neighbouring island of Nusa Penida. Nestled just off of mainland Bali, lies three small islands in the Klungkung Regency : Nusa Lembongan,

Experiencing Island Living on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are still underrated destinations. Diverse environments, outdoor experiences and interesting local life are concentrated on these two tiny little isles, topped with just enough modern conveniences to make them the ultimate island escapes. We often perceive destinations out at sea as hard to reach, the waters separating here and there

Goa Peteng: Jimbaran’s Spiritual Cave Temple

Buried deep in the limestone cliffs of Jimbaran is one of south Bali’s most serene temple caves. This sacred sanctuary goes by the name of Goa Peteng Alam Pura Tunjung Mekar and showcases just how spiritual Bali’s natural wonders can be. A long limestone path leads to Goa Peteng, building the anticipation to this quaint

Mason Chocolates Workshop_16

From Bean to Bar: The Art of Chocolate Making at Mason Chocolates

Immerse yourself in the flavours of premium Indonesian chocolate with an insightful workshop hosted by Mason Chocolates. Witness the full ‘bean to bar’ process and make your very own artisanal chocolate creations. Shining, state-of-the-art stainless steel machines aren’t what one expects to see out in the middle of the Bali rice fields, but there they

Raining in Bali

10 Unique Indoor Activities For When It’s Raining in Bali

Unfortunately for many sun-seeking vacationers, October to January in Bali is notorious for its wet weather. As the rainy season kicks in, the beaches become a little less appealing but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time here on the island. So, what is there to do in Bali when it

Pura Dalem Balingkang: Remnants of an Ancient Kingdom

Deep within the basin of the Batur Caldera in Kintamani, tucked into the crater’s northern fringes, lies the remnants of an ancient kingdom. What was once the palace of the King of Bali is now a quaint temple known as Pura Dalem Balingkang. In the 12th century, Bali was ruled by Sri Jaya Pangus. His

Pura Goa Raja: The Mysterious Cave of Mt. Agung

Dedicated to the three cosmic dragons, especially Naga Basuki, Pura Goa Raja is said to be an entrance to a cave that travels deep into the heart of Mt.Agung, and beyond. Found at the foot of Bali’s most holy complex, Pura Besakih, Pura Goa Raja sits in relative obscurity on the slopes of Mt. Agung.

Things to do in Uluwatu - GWK

Things to Do in Uluwatu: Where Culture Meets Leisure

Uluwatu – a region that makes up the southwestern tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists and locals alike. Blessed with some of the most breathtaking coastal scenes, from its pristine beaches and stunning cliffs to iconic landmarks and historical sites, Uluwatu is where one can experience both


eBikes Bali: Touring Ubud and Beyond on Electric Bicycles

One of the best ways to experience rural Bali is on a bicycle: faster than exploring on foot, but nimble enough to take you through small village roads and farm paths. Making such an adventure accessible to more people, eBikes Bali invites guests to jump on an electric bicycle and head to some of the

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