Unfortunately for many sun-seeking vacationers, October to January in Bali is notorious for its wet weather. As the rainy season kicks in, the beaches become a little less appealing but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time here on the island. So, what is there to do in Bali when it rains? You’ll find that there are plenty of indoor activities in Bali that are actually lots of fun.

Of course, you have your ‘standard’ options of going to one of Bali’s shopping malls, there are some great museums, find somewhere to eat and drink, or perhaps it’s appropriate weather for a massage. But how about something different? We’ve compiled a collection of more specific and unique indoor activities, experiences and classes to help you make the most of rainy days in Bali. 

1. Pottery Class


There’s nothing better than making something with your bare hands, which is why pottery is so satisfying! Kevala Studio Ceramic in Sanur offers 3 different pottery techniques: whether you want to throw a pot on the potter’s wheel, take your time painting a ready-made ceramic piece or discover decorating techniques, create an organic shape using hand-building techniques or perhaps try a combination of these different experiences. ‘Kevala Studio Ceramic’ is the little sister to the island-renowned Kevala Ceramics brand; it is an intimate studio space dedicated to the art of pottery and ceramics, inviting more people to channel their inner artists. This is a creative indoor activity in Bali that anyone can enjoy.

Your experience at Kevala Studio includes your final masterpiece, which is available to take home after it has been processed (fired and glazed). There are also dedicated activities for children. Classes last between 2-3 hours, prices start at IDR 300.000 per person.

Kevala Studio Ceramics
Jl. Danau Poso No. 20, Sanur Kauh
+62 877 5478 4534 (WA)

2. Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing-Indoor-Activities-in-Bali-for-Rainy-Days-in-Bali

Why not try what is probably the most unique Bali indoor activity: axe-throwing! Experience this classic Canadian pastime! What is normally and casually, enjoyed in a backyard over beers has found a home in Bali. Axe throwing may seem daunting at first but it’s an all-around enjoyable activity to break a sweat and have a laugh with friends. In fact, it’s a real rush: lugging a sharp object towards a target seems to satisfy something very primal…

Mother Huckers based in the Finns Recreation Club in Berawa, are the island’s original axe-throwing aficionados. With a group of two or more people, hire a private throwing lane and battle each other in a competition-style experience set up by Mother Huckers. Participants are given some training, practice and then go head-to-head with their group to find the ultimate axe thrower. Bookings are typically 1-2 hours depending on group size, prices start at IDR 350.000 per person. This activity is safe for children.

Mother Huckers Axe Throwing Club
Finns Recreation Club, Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
+62 878 6000 6482

3. ‘Room Escape’ Adventure


Looking for group activities or things to do in Bali when it’s raining? Try the ultimate real-life puzzle adventure is a great way to get the brain and adrenaline stimulated. The room escape phenomenon has participants use clues, teamwork and logic to find their way through a series of rooms in 120-minutes. In these thrilling themed journeys, all very well curated, you’ll encounter surprises, secret passages, hidden chambers and puzzles that will have you wanting to pull your hair out!

One of Bali’s most popular and professional room escapes is found in Legian. Pandora Experience promises an immersive adventure through their five different ‘episodes’ or storylines, all inspired by real mysteries, myths and legends like Alcatraz, Shutter Asylum and El Dorado. The different episodes present varying levels of difficulty, physical exertion and levels of fear. Pandora Experience’s rooms cater to groups of 10, making this a great group activity.  There are set show times (11.30, 14.00 and 16.30) so bookings are essential. 

Pandora Experience Bali
Jalan Dewi Sri 45D
+62 878 6225 1822 (WA)

4. Indoor Golf


Upset you’re not out on the fairway? Well, there’s still a way for you to get a swing in on those rainy days in Bali. Just for such an occasion, and with many an avid golfer coming to the island, Bali is now home to high-tech golf simulation experiences.

One premium experience can be found at the Meliã Bali, a resort in Nusa Dua, where a professional golf simulator is set up in a private room. Booked by the hour, you can enjoy a round on the available digital courses from the comfort of the lounge, where Meliã Bali’s five-star refreshments are available to you: beers, wines and food at your fingertips! Bring family, and some friends, or perhaps book in with the available private coach — PGA Master golf pro, Erik Horvat — to improve your game.

Meliã Bali
Kawasan Nusa Dua Resort ITDC Lot 1, Nusa Dua
+62 811 386 778 (WA)

5. Learn About Wines


Do you know what takes the guilt out of drinking during the day? Doing it in the name of education! Jokes aside, you can actually take professionally-run wine classes and courses here in Bali, run by none other than Bali’s first and original winery!

Inside the impressive Hatten Wines Building located in Sanur is the Hatten Education Center. As an approved programme provider for the international wine education body, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Hatten Wines offers an array of classes from basic wine appreciation all the way to sommelier training. Now, for a rainy day in Bali, you can opt for one of their in-house programs which are light-hearted, insightful and a lot of fun. These include: ‘Comparative Wine Tasting’, ‘Sweet Wine Lover Tastings’, and ‘Wine and Food Pairing’. You’ll learn an array of new skills and terms, the art of wine drinking, all whilst having a few glasses of vino! Classes are often taught by trained sommelier and WSET Educator, Ni Nyoman Kertawidyawati (Widya), also a wine contributor to NOW! Bali. Wine experiences are available any time during Hatten Wines opening hours.

Hatten Wines Building
Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 393, Sanur

6. Ten-Pin Bowling

Strike Bowling in Bali - Indoor Activities  Raining in Bali

Get excited for this old-time classic activity that brings friends and family closer together. A favourite choice of Bali indoor activities, even when it’s not raining, is chasing those strikes and spares with a bit of ten-pin bowling!

With 6-lanes, kitted with automatic pinsetters, gutter bumpers and computerised scoring, all you need to do is slip on those funny shoes and bowl! Strike Bowling at the Finns Recreation Club has a warm ambience, perfect for a family outing, and a bar and restaurant to complete the experience. You won’t need to go anywhere once you’re there, just enjoy some good old-fashioned fun.

Strike Bowling at Finns Recreational Club
Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu
Phone: +62 (0) 361 848 3939

7. Batik Making in Ubud

With so much of Bali’s cultural capital being about enjoying the outdoors and exploring, you might be confused about what to do in Ubud when it rains. Why not learn the art of Indonesia’s most treasured textile: batik!

This is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to a white cloth and is emblematic of Indonesian culture and tradition, with distinct and exquisite patterns originating from different regions of the archipelago. Using a spouted tool known as a ‘canting’, wax is drawn delicately onto a cloth in a chosen image or style, and then colours are painted and dyed to bring this textile to life.

You can try this very meditative creative experience at Nirvana Batik, a batik workshop in the centre of Ubud. Discover the story, and learn the tools and techniques for making your own batik work of art. The Nirvana Batik Course takes you through the entire journey, from wax drawing, colouring, dyeing and wax removal. You’ll find your masterpiece ready after this 4-hour immersive experience. Whether you’re an artist or not doesn’t matter, this is a guided class and many find the process very therapeutic and relaxing, whilst learning a central part of Indonesian heritage. Regular classes take place between 10am-2pm, prices start from IDR 485.000 per person.

Nirvana Batik Course
Jalan Gautama 10, Ubud
+62 812 386 0509 (WA)

8. Join a Coffee Class


Call yourself a coffee lover? Well, why not learn more about this oh-so-special drink and discover the wide world of coffee. The Coffee Experience Center is a destination to discover the ‘seed to cup’ journey, bringing Indonesian beans into the limelight in a unique environment. The centre is found within the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, (the largest Starbucks destination in Southeast Asia) which was built as an immersive coffee-centric experience.

With its very own farms and interactive displays, The Coffee Experience Center allows you to take your learning journey indoors, great for when it’s raining in Bali. Classes on offer include: ‘Art of Coffee Pairing’, where you’ll learn regional differences and food pairings; ‘Latte Art and Espresso Basics’; ‘Coffee Tasting Flight’, an introduction to manual brewing’; and more. Tour and class prices range from IDR 100.000 to IDR 500.000.

Starbucks Dewata
Jl. Sunset Road No. 77, Seminyak
+62 361 9343 482

9. Jewellery Designing Masterclass


Take a look inside the inner workings of one of the world’s most renowned jewellery brands that was born right here in Bali, John Hardy. Nestled amidst the tranquil surroundings and lush greenery of Desa Mambal, 20 minutes south of Ubud, the John Hardy Kapal Bamboo Boutique is a one-of-a-kind retail experience that goes beyond just jewellery. Other than seeing the architectural wonder of the completely sustainable bamboo showroom; the Archive Tour, which displays the rich Balinese craft history of the brand; guests here can also join a jewellery masterclass.

What does it take to design world-class jewellery? This masterclass has you seated next to John Hardy’s renowned designers to learn the process, which involves sketches, watercolours and wax carving. You’ll also learn the brand’s iconic ‘chain weaving’, a centuries-old artisanship from Bali. This is not so much a jewellery-making workshop, it’s more of a bespoke art and design class at the highest level.

John Hardy Workshop & Kapal Bamboo Boutique
Br. Baturning No. 1, Desa Mambal, Abiansemal
+62 811 385 2233 (WA)

10. Indoor Theme Park

Trans Studio Bali is a destination full of surprises. Found inside the Trans Studio Studio Mall Bali, this epic indoor theme park features a whole host of activities to try, from world-class rides to family shows and immersive walk-through worlds. Providing a great place to enjoy indoor activities for when it’s raining in Bali, adults and children will both find something fun to experience.

It’s hard to believe, looking at the mall from the outside, but Trans Studio Bali is a whopping 1.8 hectares and features a Ferris wheel, roller-coaster, and even a replica of the Titanic! The Theme Park houses several 5 distinct ‘Zones’, each presenting different activities and experiences to try.

1. Port of Liverpool, where you’ll find the replica Titanic harboured in a 1920’s remake of this famous UK port.
2. Camera Zone, where you can jump on thrilling rides, including the high-speed Boomerang Coaster, the iFly Indoor Sky Diving experience (additional costs apply), the adrenaline-pumping Formula Kart, Puppet Master Ferris Wheel; and more.
3. Culture Zone, where visitors can discover and explore the wonders of Indonesian culture through entertaining and immersive rides. This includes ‘Flying Over Indonesia: Islands of Imagination’, a flight-motion simulation experience.
4. The Action Zone, a Ninja Warrior Course in the ‘streets of New York City’, inviting you to run, jump, hang and swing through an epic obstacle course.
5. Adventure Zone, featuring a zombie walkthrough, werewolves laser-hunting, stunt shows and a Road Rage Wasteland Escae experience.

Open Daily: 11am – 6pm
Trans Studio Bali
Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 440, Denpasar, Bali
+62 361 620 3888 | www.transstudiobali.com

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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