Capoeira for Kids

For parents looking for an activity that simultaneously provides children with both physical training and creative stimulation, capoeira might just be the solution. Parents usually want their kids to join extracurricular activities that either involve some being active or foster artistic thinking. While some kids have the opportunity to do several activities, others may not

Walks in Nature with the Kids

With so much happening to our beloved Earth at the moment, it’s more important than ever to introduce nature to the next generation – and to do so as early as possible. Breathing fresh air, feeling the different textures against their skin, be it leaves, sand, soil or even a soft breeze, introducing children to

Swimming Classes in Bali : From Toddlers to Young Adults

Everyone loves the water, be it for a small paddle in the pool, or diving in the ocean. Of course, without the right skills, water can be dangerous, and that’s why more and more parents now send their children to swimming classes from a very early age. Familiarising them with water in childhood is not

Tamora Gallery Berawa Canggu

Tamora Gallery: Canggu’s Answer to a Family Day Out

Looking for somewhere to let the kids run free while you can sit and enjoy a coffee or a meal on the side? Berawa’s Tamora Gallery may just be the place you’re looking for. Canggu has been growing into a huge tourism destination over the last few years. What was once a sleepy beachfront, Berawa

Playtime at Parklife, Bali’s Newest ‘Family Hub’

Let the young ones run loose in Canggu’s brand-new playground, where socialising without (too many) restrictions is celebrated. Welcoming the first ‘family hub’ to the neighbourhood, Parklife is calling children of all ages to learn and play whilst mums and dads keep themselves busy, whether its running errands or tackling a piling inbox of emails.

Fun with the Little One at GWK

In 2018, one of Bali’s largest and most impressive landmarks was completed. Garuda WisnuKencana – or just GWK as Indonesians refer to it – is a 121 metre high, copper-brass statue depicting the Hindu God Wisnu riding the god-bird Garuda.  It is eye catching to say the least, as it can be seen by those

Getting Muddy with Mepantigan, Bali’s Own Sport

Back in 2008, Putu Witsen, a former Taekwondo athlete, developed a unique style of martial art combining Balinese tradition and culture with Taekwondo techniques, he called it Mepantigan. Being a Balinese raised in Jakarta, there was a space between him and the Balinese culture and tradition. His move back to the island was purely career-driven,

Activities in Bali for Kids 2

10 Best Activities in Bali for Kids and Families

Bali is great for family holidays, but often parents can be lost in a sea of options, or just plain lost, when it comes to finding activities in Bali for kids. There is, in fact, so many things for kids to enjoy on the island, from fun sports and family activities, cultural  experiences and even

Visiting Kintamani with the Kids

Mount Batur, Kintamani and Toya BungkahHotspring are some of the highlights in the Bangli Regency, central Bali. The wild, rugged landscape of an active volcano aren’t just vistas for adults to enjoy; they instil wonder and an appreciation for nature in children too. A trip to this enchanting caldera makes for a great family day

Yoga for Kids : Movements & Meditations

Yes, Bali is the island of the gods, but it’s also an island of yogis! There are so many yoga classes taking place around the island now, from beach yoga, yoga in the hills, yoga in a high-tech studio down in Seminyak, you name it Bali has it. However they all have one thing in

Titi Batu Ubud Club

Titi Batu Ubud Club : Bali’s Newest Sports and Recreation Centre

Titi Batu Ubud Club Opened in September 2018 and is a community, sports and wellness centre serving local residents as well as visitors. A great destination for sports and fitness fans or simply families looking for somewhere to stay active and keep children entertained: As we grow older we pay more attention to our health.

Little Climbers: Rock Climbing in Bali

Children’s energy flows like a river in the rainy season. Looking like they rarely get tired. They run, they jump, they climb and so on. They are natural climber. They climb the furniture in the house, trees, fence and so on. Knowing the risk of falling, parents sometimes freak out watching their kids climb. If

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