Bali’s Best Animal Parks Your Kids Will Love

Many of our childhood memories occur in parks, and probably, they had an impact on who we are today. Children, in general, love to play with animals and spend their time in an open free environment. Their faces light up in excitement when they see animals around them. For them, it is all about recreation

Making Seasoning with Spices

Little Chefs: Cooking Classes for Kids in Bali

Children, in general, love to eat, so why wouldn’t they love to cook as well? Children are full of imagination and love getting their hands dirty when parents are cooking so what better way to explore food than through special cooking classes for kids in Bali.  Before you let them loose on your kitchen gadgets and begin creating sweets, baking


Sports Clubs and Activities for Kids in Bali

Sports offer a plethora of benefits to all those who participate. As parents, it is an obligation to introduce sports to our kids at the early age. But what kind of sport and when should a child begin the sport depends on several things that parents need to consider carefully. Sometimes, it is wise to

Get Creative: Arts & Crafts for Kids in Bali

With a careful stroke of their brush or the precise clasp of a pair of scissors, their fine motor skills slowly but surely improve and their patience is exercised. Fostering creativity helps children to develop their ability in articulating their imaginations and moods. When kids play with paints, mixing one colour with another, and find

Cultural Appreciation : Teaching Kids Balinese Culture

Culture plays an important role in how children make sense of the world around them. Children’s connection to their culture develops through their experiences. As adults, we should help them connect with their cultural identity by supplying warm and secure emotional connections. This helps the young minds build a positive cultural identity for themselves, as

Mason White Water Rafting - Splashes & Fun

The Best Adventure Activities in Bali for Kids

The natural environments can create perfect adventure playgrounds for children. Experiencing these playgrounds will not only thrill the younger travellers but also offers a fresh perspective to what their parents do for leisure. Be it camping under the stars, learning bush tracking or brave some river rafting, this kind of adventure releases the pressures and

Bali Safari Park : Animal Night Watch

Where should you take the kids this evening? While there are many entertaining evening activities for adults, there are few that cater a parents’ need of entertaining  and keeping their kids busy after sunset. Bali Safari Park, situated on Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra – Ketewel, is one of the few that offers amazing evening experience

Rediscovering Wildlife at Bali Safari and Marine Park

How would you plan a memorable holiday for your kids? Playing in the water is exciting, building sand castles is never boring, and running around in a playground is also super fun. But animals make children excited and stimulate their curiosity at the same time. Since an early age, I am sure you have shown

Bali’s Room Escape Adventures Kids Will Love

Boys and Girls…it’s time to unlock some secrets! Get ready for an intriguing adventure that provokes curiosity, trigger creative thinking, exercise the mind and activate the body. Totem Room Escape has advanced its facility, as an addition to the Locked in Darkland it is now introducing another two rooms particularly designed for kids, which are

Colour Fun: Painting Pots for Tots with Jenggala

Drawing, colouring and painting are not merely just fun activities for the children, it is an exciting adventure conveying imagination to reality, a process that develops their brain tissue and a medium to experience all the fascinating colours the world has to offer. There are many places in Bali offering drawing or painting classes for

Taman Nusa: Around Indonesia in One Day

Wondering where to take the kids during your stay in Bali? A tour around Indonesia’s archipelago without leaving the island may sounds good for the entire family. This kind of tour doesn’t need a collection of air tickets and a long itinerary. We just need a drive to Tulikup in the Gianyar Regency where Taman

Kid’s Time at Peek A Boo Bali

Whether you live in Bali or are just here for a visit, your little ones will definitely need to be scheduled for play time where they can freely run around, play, and share toys with other kids they just met. You can consider bringing the kiddos to Peek A Boo, a huge play ground situated

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