For parents looking for an activity that simultaneously provides children with both physical training and creative stimulation, capoeira might just be the solution.

Parents usually want their kids to join extracurricular activities that either involve some being active or foster artistic thinking. While some kids have the opportunity to do several activities, others may not always have that luxury. Capoeira, the Afro-Brazilian fighting style and martial art, is a comprehensive solution for parents who seek an activity for their kids that blend both physical training and creative thinking into one.

Capoeira is a mixture of interactive movements and balancing flow with the rhythm of percussion – all brewed together to create a beautiful act of self-defence. Here on the island, the Capoeira Bali group is supported by the Escola Cultural Zungu Capoeira, headquartered in São Paulo.

“Capoeira Bali has three main focus areas, which are: promoting fitness and cultural diversity in schools, providing classes for students of all ages and also to increase public awareness regarding Capoeira through public and private demonstrations,” said Kenoko Hermiaji, famously known as Noko, one of the founders of Capoeira Bali, and an active certified Zungu Capoeira teacher.

Noko also explained that learning Capoeira is not necessarily about doing your typical martial art movements. He and his team usually observe the children to find out the interest of each child to keep them interested in learning. When it comes to Capoeira class though, it’s easy to keep the children engaged: the acrobatic movements, loud percussive music and just how dynamic the sport is, makes it easy for them to love it.

“Some kids are more into learning the movements, whilst others prefer playing music and percussion. So we, the teachers, tailor-make a program that keeps every child continuously excited, so every child can achieve their own goal. Our classes are designed for children aged four and above. We have different schedules for kids and adults,” Noko explained.

Like most forms of physical exercise, Capoeira has many benefits for kids. This dance-like martial art can improve children’s physical strength and flexibility, train them to find their balance, improve their focus and develop positive characters such as diligence and perseverance. They also get to enjoy some Brazilian music! Besides that, kids will also learn about the history of this fighting style to provide them with a deeper understanding of the moves and the music. To find out more about children’s classes and the Capoeira community, go to their website: