Into The Blue : Bali’s Best Diving Spots

Bali has been a destination for divers since the early 70s, attracting people from all over the world.  With a mesmerising underwater seascape that surrounds the island, – North, South, East, West – diving in Bali offers variety and exotic sea life.  Here are the top 5 dive sites in and around Bali:- Nusa Penida Dive Sites An island off the shore of Bali’s south east coast, Nusa Penida has now made it onto every Bali visitor’s bucket list, known for its particularly ‘Instagramable’ landscapes, cliffs and beaches. Long

Legong Jobog – Balinese Tale of Subali & Sugriwa

Legong etymology means a beautiful series of body movements, ordance, that is accompanied by agong, Balinese traditional music instrument. There are various kinds of legong dances, one of them is the Legong Jobog. The difference between the legong dances is not only the story that the dance narrates, but also the routines involved. The gamelan

The Kekebyaran Purancak Dance of West Bali

The sea sparkles gold against a red and orange sky when the sun sets on Perancak Village, Jembrana Regency West Bali. The scene is likely to have inspired many artists, taken aback by its vibrance. Along the beach, the silhouette of dozens of sailing fishing boats dance along the horizon. As the sky darkens, the

Capoeira for Kids

For parents looking for an activity that simultaneously provides children with both physical training and creative stimulation, capoeira might just be the solution. Parents usually want their kids to join extracurricular activities that either involve some being active or foster artistic thinking. While some kids have the opportunity to do several activities, others may not

Walks in Nature with the Kids

With so much happening to our beloved Earth at the moment, it’s more important than ever to introduce nature to the next generation – and to do so as early as possible. Breathing fresh air, feeling the different textures against their skin, be it leaves, sand, soil or even a soft breeze, introducing children to

Sandya Gita Kotamaning Bayu

A loud cheer erupted as the master of ceremony completed his introduction for the next performance. It was an exciting evening at the Bali Art Festival, as the dance troupe of Badung regency was in a final, head-to-head battle with the representatives of Jembrana regency. A senior lady sat next to me, complementing the previous

Swimming Classes in Bali : From Toddlers to Young Adults

Everyone loves the water, be it for a small paddle in the pool, or diving in the ocean. Of course, without the right skills, water can be dangerous, and that’s why more and more parents now send their children to swimming classes from a very early age. Familiarising them with water in childhood is not

The Philosophy of the Barong Dance

The Balinese believe that we were born with suka duka lara pati, which means that in life we go through happiness and sadness, and at the end death is absolute. This duality of life is like two sides of a coin, they are inseparable. There is also a strong belief that light will eventually come

Prana Bhawa : A Dance for the Energy of Life

The Balinese have mesmerised thousands with their performing arts. In an age of modernisation and globalisation, where tradition is losing its appeal among the youth, the Balinese continue to find celebration in their heritage arts and culture. Where this is still seen is in Balinese dance and gamelan (traditional orchestra), which are central components of

Ice Skating in Bali? You Can at the Bali Ice Skating Arena

Has it ever crossed your mind to go ice skating in Bali? Probably not, but with Christmas here, it may just be a season-appropriate activity! Bali Ice Skating Arena is found within Mal Bali Galeria and only opened recently. It is the first ever permanent ice skating rink in Bali. What started off as an

Sandya Gita : A Dance for Nirartha the Travelling Sage

Thousands of eyes peered down onto the stage. The audience’s applause thundered as a choir group made their entrance. As their voices rose up, a cheer broke out. The troop performing were Kerta Mangeswari Jaya Pasti, the ambassadors of Jembrana regency, a municipality in west Bali, and clearly very popular. This particular performance took place

Camping in Bali - Lake Batur 2

Camping in Bali : Where to Pitch Up Your Tent

In this day and age, children’s interactions with nature are limited, their everyday lives are consumed with gadgets that steal their attention. That’s why it’s important for parents to help their children disconnect and remind them what the wonders of nature are all about. Nothing does this better than an outdoors family trip, like going camping in Bali ! Camping in Bali This month,

Byungbong: The Women’s Harvest Dance

Vast areas of paddy fields welcome travellers to Jembrana, Bali’s most western regency. The views are spectacular when passing through the border that separates Tabanan and Jembrana regencies, where the green farms expand out into a blue, ocean backdrop. When it’s time for harvest, the fields turn gold, shining under the Bali sun. Whilst most

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