Bulldozing the Bali Soul

I’m reading, feet up, my Kindle in one hand. I hear clapping. I look up and see a child being lifted by two adults, his arms shooting up in the sky. His smile is that of a hero who has just conquered the ocean. This young boy has just won today’s surfing competition.  A wave

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T-Hub Bali Tokocrypto Pang Xue Kai 1

Making Bali a Crypto-Hub: A Discussion with Pang Xue Kai, CEO & Founder of TokoCrypto 

Bali has a long-held reputation as a ‘Digital Nomad’ destination. Ever since the pioneering co-working space, Hubud, opened its doors in 2013, the ‘remote working’ population and associated businesses have mushroomed across the island. The occupation and industry of remote workers has evolved through the years, from digital marketing to drop shipping; the latest being


An Ocean of Learning in Bali’s Center for Marine Conservation

Bali-based environmental NGO, the Coral Triangle Center (CTC), is on a mission to educate millions about the oceans, and more specifically how we can protect them. Seeing their impressive Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, this mission is well on its way. In the space of ocean found between Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the

Bike To Care 2022 #1

Bike to Care: A Cycling Fundraiser for SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia, a non-governmental organisation that focuses on providing family-based alternative care for children who have or are at risk of losing parental care, announces the first offline Bike to Care ultra-distance cycling fundraising event, which aims to help vulnerable families in Indonesia, especially children who have lost their parents due to the

Restarting Bali

Restarting Bali, The Little Picture

We are now beginning to see a few good initiatives taking place for the reopening of Bali. There are flights coming in — thanks to Garuda Indonesia, as well as Singapore Airlines, who have been huge supporters over the years which most will not remember, but they gave away 1000 seats after the Bali bombings

Saving Waters - Bedugul

Saving Waters: Tackling Bali’s Water Crisis

As a tropical island famed for its beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, great lakes, mountain springs, flowing rivers and great lakes, it’s safe to say that water is an integral aspect of Bali and its ecosystem. However, Bali is facing a hidden crisis that threatens the future of the island: water scarcity. Over 60% of Bali’s

What Will Indonesia’s New Capital City Do For Bali?

The recent decision by Indonesia’s parliament to endorse and fund President Jokowi’s bold plan to create a new capital city for Indonesia in East Kalimantan sets the project firmly into gear. Welcome to “Nusantara”.  Pride of place, of course, goes to Bali’s own Nyoman Nuarta who has designed the new Presidential Palace and Parliament Buildings

On Modernity: Perspectives from Balinese 

When it comes to the island’s ‘progress’ and its ‘preservation’, it is the Balinese themselves who must live through the dichotomous balancing between past and future. Whilst many on the outside have their own views, to see the Balinese perspective is paramount, as it is provides a window into their values and priorities. We at

Arak Farmers of Karangasem Bali Tri Eka Buana

The Arak Farmers of Karangasem

Before bottles of Grey Goose or Dom Pérignon ever reached the island, the libation of choice was always arak. This island moonshine was not just a delicacy, it was a craft. Today, these arak artisans continue to produce using age-old methods, supplying the local arak scene from their humble, home-based distilleries. ‘Arak – Made in


Arak Bali – How is it Made? | Made in Bali Episode 2

Arak. Bali’s traditional spirit, used in both ceremony and celebration across the island. Many know the name or have savoured its distinct taste, but few are able to explain how arak Bali is made or where it really comes from. In October 2021, NOW! Bali released a mini-documentary titled ‘ARAK – Made in Bali’, the

Coming to Terms with Change in Bali (and of Bali)

Listen to this article through the NOW! Bali Podcast: Change is inevitable, and Bali is no stranger to change. It’s no stranger to development and improvement, as well being no stranger to deterioration and damage. What governs whether this inevitable change is positive or negative is those who are part of it, who contribute to

Bali’s Recovery: Who Said It Would Be Easy?

According to the World Bank’s 2021 Report, Indonesia’s economy actually expanded by 3,5% in 2021. Well you could have fooled Bali’s population who believe that Indonesia is on the brink of bankruptcy. It’s not. Only Bali feels like it is.  The World Bank Report stated: “The Indonesian economy continued to rebound in 2021 despite some

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