A Spotlight on Bali’s Eco Heroes

Despite being one of the busiest tourist seasons for the island, the end of the year also happens to be one of the environmentally worst times for Bali. The wet season is like a purge, where the cleansing rains clear out the scattered litter around the island, and send it out to sea, only for

Edward Speirs

Pande Gong: The Gamelan Makers of Tihingan Village

Clang! Dug! Ting!… Clang! Dug! Ting!… The sounds of metal pounding metal can be heard from a distance. Then a shout, some laughter, followed once again by the clamour of hammers. Clang! Dug! Ting! The cacophony of sounds repeat. These are the rhythms of the pande gong, the makers of Bali’s traditional gamelan. Tihingan Village


Lessons from Japan

Many think of Japan as a high-tech, industrial powerhouse, perhaps waning in the shadow of China’s mega-economy, but nonetheless, still an example of efficiency and innovation. Behind that, diligence, dedication and sheer hard work. And we would not be wrong. Japan has not faded, it has only recently been overshadowed.  Outside of the global economy,

Trash Talk: Bali’s Burning Landfills (and How You Can Help)

Landfills across Bali have been engulfed in fire over the last three weeks, as dry heat and no rain have created the perfect storm for flames to rage through the towering trash heaps. This has caused a domino of challenges for Bali, from the direct hazard of fire and its resulting air pollution to the

Wine offerings

Wines Made in Bali: Balinese Wineries and Vineyards

When people think of Bali, what comes to mind is probably coconuts and tropical fruits, and probably not grapes. However, the soils of this fertile island accommodate a versatile range of produce and have brought to life a highly successful wine industry, adding a new latitude to the world’s wine offerings. Bali is now home

Island brewing

Island Brewing: A Bali Craft Beer Brewed for Good Times

Now ubiquitous across Bali, Island Brewing is slowly becoming the go-to brew, converting the ‘big brand’ drinkers to savour something with a little more soul — a little more love in its making. Jokingly considered a ‘gateway’ to craft beer, Island Brewing is approachable: a good quality, easy-to-drink beer with all the right natural ingredients

Craft Beer in Bali: The Best Local Brews and Brands

This island used to be synonymous with a single beer brand. So widespread was this reputation that singlets, hats and all kinds of merchandise flooded the markets – a hegemony that could not be toppled. That is until craft beer made it onto the scene. And not just any craft beer, but Bali-brewed. Homegrown and

Bali’s Own Version of ESG

Sustainability is, thankfully, all the rage these days, as people finally get to grips with their personal and corporate responsibilities to the planet and to the communities in which they live. Some people measure their personal carbon footprint to try to limit the damage they do to the environment through travelling by plane, train or


Spirit of Bali: The Rise of Arak

Arak. It is the drink of both celebration and ceremony here in Bali, used at social as well as religious gatherings. Needless to say, it has its role and part to play in everyday life on the island — it is, quite literally, the spirit of Bali. However, its initial introduction into ‘modern life’ was

Homogenisation, Dilution and Disorganisation

Sounds like a food processing factory, doesn’t it? But that’s not what I’m talking about; it all refers to our much loved, but not much cared for, destinations, here in Indonesia, and to a great extent, all over the world.  I used to be in the insurance business and we spent a lot of time

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