For centuries, the allure of the Indonesian islands has captivated travellers, traders, and adventurers from across the globe. Yet, unbeknownst to many, some of the earliest rums savoured in Europe hailed from Indonesia. Indeed, during the early years of Dutch colonial rule, the first Indonesian rums were exported, swiftly making their mark across the world.

Originally known as Batavia arrack, Indonesian rum dates back to the 1600s when Dutch settlers started crafting it on the island of Java. Between the 17th and 18th centuries, this unique spirit quickly achieved repute as the epitome of quality sugarcane distillation.

Celebrated for its exquisite flavour profile and unmatched craftsmanship, Indonesian rum commanded prices double that of esteemed spirits like Cognac and Caribbean rum, garnering worldwide acclaim that has bestowed upon it the prestigious titles of ‘the world’s first international luxury spirit’ and ‘Godfather of the rum world’.

Drawing inspiration from a bygone era, the local spirit brand Nusa Caña is an island rum that revives the forgotten story of those initial adventurers and the treasured Indonesian sugarcane. The brand’s mission is to redefine Indonesian rum for contemporary tastes, infusing it with the effervescent spirit and energy of modern-day Bali. Influenced by the island’s dynamism, the brand captures the essence of Bali’s sun-kissed beaches, pulsating beats and spirit of exploration. The outcome is a reinvention of Indonesian rum, designed for discerning drinkers of the modern era.

Personifying a colourful and carefree spirit, Nusa Caña transports consumers to the captivating world of Bali, where each sip evokes the sensation of a tropical utopia. A smooth, aroma-filled tropical island rum packed with a nuanced flavour profile, Nusa Caña’s rum varieties include the Tropical Island Rum, Spiced Rum, Dark Rum, and the Godfather 100% Batavia Arrack. Paying tribute to the age-old tradition of Indonesian rum-making whilst embracing contemporary palates, Nusa Caña beckons a journey of discovery, exploring the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Indonesia.

Nusa Caña is steadfast in putting Indonesian rum in the global spotlight through strategic distribution and innovative marketing. The brand strives to introduce Indonesian rum to a wider audience and position itself as a pioneer in the revival of Indonesian rum, showcasing its exceptional quality and distinctive character by leveraging the allure of Bali and tapping into the growing interest in craft spirits.

Committed to preserving the storied past and a promising future for Indonesian rum, Nusa Caña continues its endeavour to reclaim the drinks’ status as a world-renowned luxury. From its humble origins on the shores of Java to the bustling streets of Bali, the legacy of Indonesian rum lives on with each bottle!

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