Sala Bistro Ubud: New Neighbourhood Eatery with Homey Comfort

Nestled amidst the vibrant streets of Jalan Raya Ubud, Sala Bistro makes a grand entrance into Bali’s cultural heartland. Following the success of its flagship restaurant in Sanur, Sala opened its second restaurant in January 2024: Sala Bistro Ubud. Having first captivated Sanur with its flagship venue in 2017, Sala Bistro swiftly became a go-to

Best Japanese Restaurants in Bali (2024): From Sushi to Teppanyaki

For those craving freshly-rolled sushi, fiery teppanyaki grills, hearty bowls of ramen and cool sips of sake, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many Japanese restaurants in Bali. From the valleys of Ubud to the beachfront shores of Legian, enjoy this globally-popular cuisine served with a Balinese touch! Browse by area: SEMINYAK –

Komodo 1

Revel in Authentic Pan-Asian Delights at Komodo Restaurant & Bar

Nestled in the heart of Seminyak, Komodo Pan-Asian Restaurant & Bar promises an exquisite dining experience in the vibrant neighbourhood. Prepare to embark on a tantalising journey through the diverse flavours of Pan-Asian cuisine, meticulously curated by Chef Wayan Priana, a seasoned culinary expert with nearly two decades of experience. Drawing inspiration from his previous


Best Steaks in Bali: Steakhouses and Premium Meats (2024)

Whilst the island’s food and beverage scene has seen a rise in vegetarian restaurants, vegan restaurants and the like, you’ll still find great spots to dig into juicy steaks in Bali. Whether you’re after succulent marbled wagyu, juicy dry-aged cuts or a beastly tomahawk to share with the group, there are plenty of meat maestros

Hujan Locale 9

Hujan Locale Unveils Immersive ‘Will Meyrick Experience’ Programme

Located amidst Ubud’s cultural centre, Hujan Locale is the brainchild of celebrated chef, Will Meyrick, an exquisite culinary destination that pays tribute to Indonesia’s rich and diverse flavours. The acclaimed restaurant has now launched the ‘Will Meyrick Experience’ programme, allowing guests to partake in an immersive journey from the markets to the kitchen. With an

Island Brewing Light Lager 1

Island Brewing Launches All-New Light Lager

Bali’s new go-to beer has launched a line of lager promising a light and crisp drink made for those moments you just need a cool refreshment; a little celebration in lieu of a big night out. Considered the ‘gateway’ to craft beer, Island Brewing’s whole ethos is to be approachable. Focusing on making a good

Santai Seltzer Lifestyle (1)

Santai: A New Tropical Hard Seltzer Brand Launches in Bali

Bali’s drinking culture has gotten more exciting as a new player enters the fold: Santai Seltzer. The newly launched hard seltzer brand joins the impressive lineup of Bali-born products, providing a great alternative to beer and alcohol connoisseurs with low-calorie and rich-flavoured varieties. Established in Bali, Santai Seltzer perfectly encapsulates the tropical essence of the


New Restaurants in Bali 2024: Latest Openings [Updated]

The island’s world-class food and beverage scene continues to grow and innovate, adding to the already fantastic variety of venues in which to eat, drink and enjoy. Brand new venues – be it a late-night speakeasy, the latest fine-dining destination or a comfy new café – are still popping up across Bali and herewith we

The Best Cocktail Bars in Ubud: A NOW! Bali Guide 2024

Whilst not exactly home to the same party scene as Seminyak and Canggu — we’ll take that as a good thing — the rise of Ubud’s food and beverage offerings has welcomed not only superb restaurants but also bars to match. But sifting through the long list of bars in Ubud can be confusing… Nightlife

Valentines Day in Bali 2024: Best Romantic Dinners in Bali by Area

That time of year has come again, and if you’re in Bali, you’re in luck. Valentines Day in Bali is easy, with its jaw-dropping views and magical atmosphere every destination is special and the five-star hospitality means finding somewhere to enjoy a romantic dinner in Bali is no problem.  Valentines Day Romantic Dinner in Bali

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