Food for the Gods

Many of Bali’s top reputed restaurants might sell food of international standards; their diners might be local and international celebrities, ministers, singers and sports stars, but by Balinese standards, believe me, these restaurants don’t quite cut it. Even the ones listed in this magazine. Why is that you ask? Well, they only serve food to


The Healing Traditions of the Balian Usada

In Bali there is the traditional doctor known as the balian usada, whose knowledge is gained through the lontar manuscripts and the inherited teachings of predecessors. Still frequented by many Balinese, the practice of the balian deals with both the sekala and niskala worlds, the seen and unseen, and are the continuation of Bali’s ancient

The Cosmic Complexities of Balinese Love

In Bali, love and indeed sex are more than just about the relationship between two people. It is about the gods, the cosmos, the cycle of life. For most Westerners love oscillates between two poles: on one side there is the romantic meeting of two individuals, and on the other side, the sexual encounter of


In Memoriam: Celebrating International Contemporary Art Icon, Ashley Bickerton

For more than three decades, Ashley Bickerton’s presence shone brightly on the international art stage. A courageous, rebellious artist, his genius imagination existed on the periphery of what was conceivably possible. Bickerton rose to incredible heights in contemporary art, positioning his voice as singular to the global audience. The most internationally renowned contemporary artist in


Yamaraja: Magical Drawings of the Bugbug Temple Festival

The Balinese are known for putting up extraordinary shows during their temple festivals. Most popular are the processions and dances that take place on these occasions. But there are other aspects that are no less extraordinary. One of them is the roughly 13-metre long drawing on the ground which is ceremoniously made in Bugbug every

Contemporary Painter Gede Sayur’s Light-hearted Reflections of Modern Bali

Contemporary art is an empowering communication platform allowing artists to give a visible presence to the invisible. The artist’s role is often to highlight important socio-political and environmental issues to create awareness and hopefully change.  Gede ‘Sayur’ Suanda is a multi-talented contemporary Balinese artist who expresses statements about the rapid changes engulfing Bali in both


Tumpek Landep: Bali Blesses its Metals

If you find yourself in Bali on the day called Tumpek Landep, you will be surprised to see offerings put on cars, motorbikes, machines and metal instruments of all types. For which purpose, you will certainly wonder? So let us explain it to you. Tumpek Landep is the day dedicated to metal in the 210-day

Ngeleak Ketut Budiana

3 Balinese Myths to Scare You on Halloween

Being an island filled with mysticism, Bali is no stranger to ghost stories and eerie folklore. In fact, it’s practically part of the culture on the island! Both positive and negative forces must exist on the island simultaneously for balance to exist, this the philosophy of Rwa Bhineda. Both forces must be appeased. Stories of


Patung Bayi : The Myth of Bali’s Crying Baby Statue

One Balinese myth that might catch the attention of those with an interest for the peculiar is the giant baby statue in the Gianyar Region known as Patung Bayi Sakah. While its origins lack a definitive anecdote, there have been numerous accounts of eerie tales from locals that have made the statue a staple myth

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