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Cakravala: A New Cultural Platform Elevating Emerging Indonesian Artists

I am fascinated by the evolution of creativity within contemporary culture. We are living in exciting times and the pandemic has accelerated our positive human potential. I believe the artists and creatives lead the way. Their imagination, activities and questioning introduce society to new, functional experiential forms and technologies manifesting in a better world –

Ogoh-Ogoh Dharmanegara Alaya

How Balinese Creatives Responded to the Cancelled Ogoh-Ogoh Parades

One of the most fantastic artistic attributes of the Balinese culture is the Ogoh-ogoh. Extraordinary papier-mâché and bamboo representations of external and inner demons manifest as frightening giant sculptures. Ogoh-ogoh are paraded through village crossroads across Bali during the Ngrupuk parade on the eve of Nyepi. A cleansing ceremony that ushers in the first day

Hujan Memedi

Hujan Memedi : The Demon of Bali’s Sun Showers

Have you ever wondered how it can rain when the sun is shining? Whilst science has its explanations, Balinese folklore has its very own colourful story behind this phenomenon. We all have heard some strange answers as to why it happens. One popular saying, with southern United States origins, indicates the devil is ‘kissing his

Universe 2021 Made Valasara. Handstitched stuffed canvas. 125 x 120 cm

Made Valasara’s Artistic Exploration of Material Potential

One of the most enjoyable aspects of observing the Bali art scene is witnessing young artists’ creative development. To grow, budding artists must take risks and experiment. Some willingly embrace change, others less so. An artist’s career is about the journey, not the destination. There is no substitute for dedication, honesty and hard work. Contemporary

Lontar 3

Lontar : Bali’s Palm-Leaf Manuscripts

Lontar is a literary artefact that has shaped the Balinese culture we know today. Not just any literature,it’s viewed as the island’s intellectual property to which the Balinese turn to for life lessons, philosophies, medicine and more. Since the olden days, the Balinese would turn to this literature when in search of a spiritual progression

Ogoh Ogoh Ngrupuk Parade Bali Nyepi 3

The Ogoh-Ogoh Monsters of Bali’s Ngrupuk Parade

Bali’s Ogoh-Ogoh Parade is a stunning display of Balinese creativity and culture rolled into one. As a ‘Pre-Nyepi’ festivity, these giant demonic effigies are ceremoniously carried and displayed during the Ngrupuk Parade. Let’s start with Nyepi. Catur Brata Penyepian, otherwise known as Nyepi, marks the first day of the new Çaka Calendar year. The Çaka calendar

Swoofone - 'The Book of Infinite Knowledge' 2020 - Swoofone Mixed media on wood. 120 x 175cm.

Swoofone: A Glimpse into the Future of Balinese Art

‘The Island of the Gods’ is an incomparable sensuous experience. Mysterious and captivating, our perception encounters fascinating visual and non-visible layers. Bali’s thriving artistic landscape increasingly contributes an aesthetically potent and relevant dimension.  One young artist has recently impacted the local art scene, initially honing his ideas within the street art realm. I Wayan Subudi

Pura Penataran Agung Dalem Balingkang

Kang Cing Wie and King Jayapangus : A Bali-China Love Story

Bali’s history is always entertaining; facts and truths are often enmeshed with fantasy and mysticism. One such ‘history’ is thhat of Kang Cing Wie and King Jayapangus, significant for many reasons: it represents an important geopolitical and cultural moment between China and Bali; it birthed important effigies of worship, the Barong Landung; and it is,

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