Contemporary Painter Gede Sayur’s Light-hearted Reflections of Modern Bali

Contemporary art is an empowering communication platform allowing artists to give a visible presence to the invisible. The artist’s role is often to highlight important socio-political and environmental issues to create awareness and hopefully change.  Gede ‘Sayur’ Suanda is a multi-talented contemporary Balinese artist who expresses statements about the rapid changes engulfing Bali in both

Richard Horstman

Tumpek Landep: Bali Blesses its Metals

If you find yourself in Bali on the day called Tumpek Landep, you will be surprised to see offerings put on cars, motorbikes, machines and metal instruments of all types. For which purpose, you will certainly wonder? So let us explain it to you. Tumpek Landep is the day dedicated to metal in the 210-day

Ngeleak Ketut Budiana

3 Balinese Myths to Scare You on Halloween

Being an island filled with mysticism, Bali is no stranger to ghost stories and eerie folklore. In fact, it’s practically part of the culture on the island! Both positive and negative forces must exist on the island simultaneously for balance to exist, this the philosophy of Rwa Bhineda. Both forces must be appeased. Stories of

The Bali Bombings: A Balinese-Hindu Philosophical Perspective

Every year, on the 12 of October we in Bali remember the horrors of the Bali Bombing in 2002. How many react to the memory is sadly with the typical anger fostered by our cultural and political obsession – i.e. the contemporary fear of extremism – as well as a deep mourning for those lost.


The Ancestors’ Cult

The cult of the ancestors is the deepest and most indigenous element of the Balinese religion, and still dominates much of the ritual life of the local people. Let us give a look at this cult, such as it survives in Bali. The souls of the ancestors reside in a place often called the “Old

Richard Jacobs & Wayan Sika 2019. Bali Moon III Diptych, monotype, oil and dye on paper 90”X90”.

Richard Jacobs: An America-Bali Cross-Cultural Artistic Journey

In 1987, American artist Richard Jacobs, accompanied by his new wife Marianna, found himself living among the secluded rice fields of Camuphan, Ubud. A  Masters of Fine Art graduate from Yale University, the twenty-six-year-old had been awarded a 1987-88 Henry Luce Scholarship to paint and teach in Bali. Established in New York in 1936 by


Kadek Didin Jirot: New Horizons in Contemporary Balinese Sculpture

The power and beauty of Mother Nature communicates with us in mysterious ways. So often, we are captured in the moment – in silence; we behold its magnitude and grandeur. Yet, nature’s physical and non-physical essence is a source of eternal creativity. The dramatic, undulating profile of Bali’s volcanic skyline inspires emerging artist Kadek Didin


Inside the Fascinating Subject of Balinese Colour Symbology

Colour and movement are two of the most captivating aspects of the Bali experience. The diversity of the spectacular landscape contrasts dramatically with the vibrant and fascinating traditional culture; two of Bali’s most potent attractions. We are familiar with the creativity and colour of the offerings, the superbly decorated performance and ceremonial costumes, and the

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