An aptly timed art exhibition is on display at the classic Ubud resort, Amandari. Created in collaboration with NONFRASA Gallery, ‘Repurposing: Paradise’ features curated pieces that question the island’s status as a ‘paradise’, presenting an artistic commentary on this long-held reputation.

On display from 4 May to 30 June 2024, the exhibition features works by 13 local and international artists, thoughtfully displayed across the open-air grounds of Amandari, renowned for its timeless  Balinese architecture. The varied art pieces, which range from Chinese ink on paper, photography and oil on canvas, to wooden sculptures and mixed media installations, showcase the diversity of narrative on the selected theme, expertly curated by Krisna Sudharma, Founder of NONFRASA Gallery.

“This exhibition challenges the superficial acceptance of Bali merely as a commodity,” writes Sudharma in the exhibition’s curatorial notes. “Drawing from Adrian Vickers’ historical analysis, the exhibition showcases Bali as “a paradise created” (Vickers, 1989), emphasizing the island’s transformation through colonization, exoticization, and commodification, and demonstrating Bali’s resilience in reshaping its own narrative,” he continues.


‘Repurposing: Paradise’ exhibits at a time of ‘conflict’ in Bali: modern and particularly foreign development have sparked unrest among concerned local residents, who feel as if their lands and islands are being exploited, whilst simultaneously, and rather ironically, their culture and nature are being used to market such projects internationally. Physically, the Balinese are seeing the transformation of their landscapes, but perhaps more drastic is the transformation of perspectives as they begin to question the costs of opening the islands so freely and openly, as they have for so long under the guise of ‘tourism’ and offering ‘paradise’.

Art has always been an important window into certain perspectives, be it personal or collective, able to speak truths that are often left unsaid, much like in fiction. As such, ‘Repurposing: Paradise’ collectively portrays the viewpoints of these artists, and indeed the curator himself, inviting its audience to be cognisant of the different viewpoints surrounding the idea of ‘paradise’ and how this plays out in contemporary Bali.

Featured artists: Citra Sasmita, Dewa Ngakan Ardana, Faelerie, Filippo Sciascia, Gede Sukarya, Jemana Murti, Kadek Armika, Mella Jaarsma, Nyoman Darmawan, Pande Wardina, Sarah Mosca Todd McMillan, Wayan Upadana

On Display: 9am to 6pm, 4 May to 30 June 2024

To view the exhibition please an appointment via email through:
For more information: @nonfrasagallery / @amandari_resort

Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Ubud
(0361) 975333

Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

Edward, or Eddy as he prefers to be called, is the Managing Editor of NOW! Bali and host of the NOW! Bali Podcast. He enjoys photography, rural travel and loves that his work introduces him to people from all walks of life.