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A Spotlight on Bali’s Eco Heroes

Despite being one of the busiest tourist seasons for the island, the end of the year also happens to be one of the environmentally worst times for Bali. The wet season is like a purge, where the cleansing rains clear out the scattered litter around the island, and send it out to sea, only for

Pande Gong: The Gamelan Makers of Tihingan Village

Clang! Dug! Ting!… Clang! Dug! Ting!… The sounds of metal pounding metal can be heard from a distance. Then a shout, some laughter, followed once again by the clamour of hammers. Clang! Dug! Ting! The cacophony of sounds repeat. These are the rhythms of the pande gong, the makers of Bali’s traditional gamelan. Tihingan Village

Going All-In with Viceroy Bali’s Premium Club Pool Villas

Already lauded as one of Ubud’s most luxurious boutique resorts, Viceroy Bali have outdone even themselves with their latest offerings. With their Premium Club Pool Villas, which opened earlier this year, guests are not only welcomed into the best one-bedroom pool villa on the property but also are showered with bespoke experiences and surprises throughout

Lakeside Bliss in Bali’s Highlands

In Bali’s central highlands, it’s all about nature, where rugged mountainsides meet peaceful lakes; an alpine pocket of dewy forests and cool misty climes. Bedugul, Pancasari and Munduk are a far-cry of the Bali many expect to see. Instead of sunny shores and palm-lined beaches, it’s a still, crisp air and stickly pines. These are

Craft Beer in Bali: The Best Local Brews and Brands

This island used to be synonymous with a single beer brand. So widespread was this reputation that singlets, hats and all kinds of merchandise flooded the markets – a hegemony that could not be toppled. That is until craft beer made it onto the scene. And not just any craft beer, but Bali-brewed. Homegrown and

Spirit of Bali: The Rise of Arak

Arak. It is the drink of both celebration and ceremony here in Bali, used at social as well as religious gatherings. Needless to say, it has its role and part to play in everyday life on the island — it is, quite literally, the spirit of Bali. However, its initial introduction into ‘modern life’ was

13,600 Runners Set to Compete in Maybank Marathon 2023

At 4.30 am on Sunday, 27 August 2023, the starting gun for Maybank Marathon 2023 will fire, officially marking the beginning of the 12th annual running competition that has, for many, become reason alone to visit the island. Taking place in Gianyar, around the Bali Safari & Marine Park, the Maybank Marathon is the first

Bali’s Family Folklore: The Life Lessons of Men Brayut

Folk stories are told all around the world and are part of the cultural fabric of different societies. Passed down through the generations, they are more than just bedtime stories, they are often imbued with morals and messages that reflect the values of each time and place, hoping to instil the next generation with the

Museum Gedong Arca: Clues from Prehistoric Bali

For the history buffs out there, Museum Gedong Arca in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, is a lesser-visited museum that houses ancient artefacts dating back to Bali’s palaeolithic era, including the largest collection of ancient sarcophagi. Most people’s perception of Balinese history is dominated by events of the last millennium. If we rewind the clock, we will see

Into the Wilderness of West Bali National Park

On a far-flung corner of Bali, the distant West Bali National Park invites visitors to explore the riches of the island’s natural environment. Home to an array of flora and fauna living in the park’s variety of habitats, it is a destination for birdwatchers, nature lovers and escapists, far from the distractions of everyday life.

Pura Samuan Tiga and the Evolution of Bali’s Temple Philosophy

The structure, philosophy and positioning of a Balinese temple is no accident. It is well thought out, imbued with symbolism and the result of history. Pura Samuan Tiga is part of that history: a temple where wise men gathered centuries ago to unite Bali’s religious sects and redefine temple planning across the island. Located in

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