Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Centre : Denpasar’s Cultural Hub

In the midst of Denpasar’s busying streets, amongst the bustle of markets and the whiz of local commerce, Taman Werdhi Budaya Art Centre — often referred to as Bali Art Centre or Taman Budaya Bali— stands as a beacon of heritage. This impressive space is home to an art museum, several theatres or amphitheatres and

Bali Arts Festival 2021 : Revived to Honour Bali’s Artists and Musicians

Having been cancelled in 2020, the island’s most respected cultural festival makes a comeback. The Bali Arts Festival 2021, known locally as Pesta Kesenian Bali or PKB, has begun its month long showcase of Balinese culture from 12 June 2021 – 10 July 2021. This year marks the 43rd Bali Arts Festival (Pesta Kesenian Bali

Work from Bali : It’s Not Just for Digital Nomads

Indonesia’s Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Pandjaitan, is pushing the Indonesian Government’s Work from Bali campaign once again, encouraging not only personal or private sector to work from Bali, but ministries as well. He stated that because ‘working from home’ was already a norm now, then why not work from Bali to

A Sunrise Breakfast at Andaz Bali, Sanur’s Latest Rendezvous

As Sanur is famous for its sunrises, Andaz Bali has opened their breakfast experience (starting early in the morning) so more can take in that easy-going Sanur atmosphere. Since it opened, the all-new Andaz Bali has piqued the interest of many Bali residents and would-be visitors, as the latest addition to Sanur. With its refined

Plataran Menjangan Resort

Plataran Menjangan Resort : In the Wilderness of West Bali National Park

On the far-flung northwestern corner of Bali, the West Bali National Park remains veiled in forested obscurity. Within this fringe destination, seemingly an infinite distance away, Plataran Menjangan Resort has created a unique, nature-focused enclave that may just be escapism at its best. Occupying a substantial 190-square kilometres of land and sea, the West Bali

Agama Tirta : Bali’s Religion of Water | Episode 17

Agama Tirta , the Religion of Water. This is what Balinese religion was often referred to before it’s official title of Hindu Dharma, as water was – and continues to be – an essential element in the rituals and even belief of the Balinese. Today’s episode is taken from one of Jean Couteau’s articles in

Is Bali Ready to Open? The Industry Shares Their Thoughts

For the full article on When Will Bali Reopen for Tourists please go to the link provided. This article is a discussion on Bali’s preparedness, based on industry input.  In this article, we discuss (1) the targets that must be made for Bali to re-open to tourists, and how tourism will operate going forward; and (2) how

Vaitasa : Pop-Up Art Exhibition Uplifting Emerging Indonesian Artists

From 3 April – 24 April 2021, a pop-up art exhibition, Vaitasa, will be held featuring six emerging Indonesian artists. The exhibition is a collaboration between Cakravala and Aksu, taking place at T Lofts & Co-Living.  There have been many effects of the pandemic, and one seldom discussed is how the pandemic has affected artists.

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