Join Bali Wine Tasting Experiences at The Cellardoor

Bali’s original winery, Hatten Wines, invites guests to expand their knowledge of new latitude wines at The Cellardoor, Sanur. Through curated wine tasting programs held by their resident experts, one can join an educational journey through their expansive range. For those who don’t know the background, Hatten Wines started in 1994 when founder Ida Bagus

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Learning the Healing Art of Jamu

Start the New Year with a commitment to revitalisation and well-being by adding a new skill to your repertoire. Explore the ancient art of jamu, a centuries-old traditional Indonesian elixir that continues to exist to this day. Dive into the secrets of these time-honoured health concoctions, crafted from a combination of herbs and spices used

Golf Courses in Bali

5 Best Golf Courses in Bali: Where to Play Golf in Bali

With Bali’s stunning natural beauty, it’s of no surprise that golf has found a home on the island of the gods. Whilst certainly not the biggest tourist lure to the island, golf in Bali is truly a stunning experience that any golfer would certainly plan their holiday around! From a round of 18 on the

Scent-Based workshops in Bali

Scent-based Workshops in Bali: Craft Your Own Perfume, Soap and Candle

Unlock the enchanting world of fragrances with immersive scent-based workshops in Bali, where the art of perfumery, soap-making and candle-crafting come to life. Go on an aromatic journey through these scent-based workshops in Bali, where creativity and craft come together to awaken your senses, one delightful aroma at a time. Perfume Masterclass What if you

Raining in Bali

10 Unique Indoor Activities For When It’s Raining in Bali

Unfortunately for many sun-seeking vacationers, October to January in Bali is notorious for its wet weather. As the rainy season kicks in, the beaches become a little less appealing but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time here on the island. So, what is there to do in Bali when it

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Thrash Your Way Down the Ayung River on a White Water Rafting Adventure

When it comes to thrills and outdoor activities, Bali has no shortage of hair-raising, heart-pumping and adrenaline-filled activities to choose from. A popular outdoor pastime one can experience in Bali is of course white water rafting and Mason Adventures is ready to take you on this exciting downstream excursion. With over three decades of adventure

Bali for Kids - Bali Bird Park 3

Bali for Kids: Best Recreational Parks in Bali for Families

Here in Bali, there are some great destinations to keep kids entertained for the entire day. The island is home to many family-friendly parks, which make for a memorable excursion for both kids and adults. From waterparks to bird parks, and elephant sanctuaries to safaris, there’s plenty of choice for a fun family day out.

Talasi Estate: Discovering Bali’s Bounty on the Foothills of Batukaru

Situated on the slopes of Mt.Batukaru is a unique destination that invites visitors to not only explore the lush surroundings of the mountain, but to taste natural products at their origin. Talasi is a social enterprise founded by Alisjahbana Haliman. It is centred on the creation of premium quality natural products at their origin, with

Bali Art Classes - Ceramic - Kevala Studio _2

7 Best Art Workshops and Painting Classes in Bali

Bali is a destination where people find inspiration through its unique, eclectic and deeply rooted art scene and industry. Whilst galleries and studios invite you to look upon the great works of local creatives, one can do more than just appreciate from a distance. Bali is filled with workshops inviting you to get real, hands-on

Mason Jungle Buggies 2 (Low Res)

Buckle Up for an Epic Jungle Buggy Adventure in Bali

For those who have a need for speed, racing through the lush wilderness of Bali’s highlands in an off-road buggy is just the ticket! Rev your engines with Mason Adventures’ Jungle Buggies, an adrenaline-pumping outdoor experience in Taro, north of Ubud. Located only 5 minutes away from Mason Elephant Park, get ready to feel the

Tempakultura 2

Tempakultura: A Space to Create

An intimate, multipurpose venue that encourages the imaginative explorations of the human mind, Tempakultura is a creative virtual and physical space to create. Established in October 2020, Tempakultura is a creative space, shop and café located in the Kerobokan area. An intimate, multipurpose venue for imaginative explorations of the human mind that was co-founded by

Green Camp Bali 1

Green Camp Bali Offers Learning Adventures Inspired by Nature

Reconnect with nature and explore the great outdoors with holistic, nature-immersed learning adventures inspired by nature at Green Camp Bali. Offering a variety of programmes curated not only for children, Green Camp Bali also provides programmes for families and schools. Nestled within the prestigious Green School Bali, one of the world’s greenest and most innovative


Ubud Story Walks: Walking Through History from Past to Present

Ubud Story Walks is a new experience that launched at the end of April 2022, specialising in a unique, guided tour around Ubud focused on discovering different histories of the town on foot. The NOW! Bali team was fortunate enough to experience their debut tour, “Ubud: Past to Present”, a crash-course on how Ubud came

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