Unlock the enchanting world of fragrances with immersive scent-based workshops in Bali, where the art of perfumery, soap-making and candle-crafting come to life. Go on an aromatic journey through these scent-based workshops in Bali, where creativity and craft come together to awaken your senses, one delightful aroma at a time.

Perfume Masterclass

Scents: Perfume Workshop

What if you could encapsulate your essence in a bottle with a symphony of scents that’s uniquely ‘you’? You can do exactly that at Our Projects Bali with the Perfume Masterclass, where the olfactory journey allows you to concoct your very own fragrance.

Founded by Kate Wildblood, Our Projects is not your run-of-the-mill fragrance house, it’s an immersive, sensorial wonderland where scents are brought to life. The Perfume Masterclass promises not only fun but also insights that will broaden your understanding of the art of scent creation.

Under the guidance of the expert perfumers, you’ll blend, experiment and layer an array of scents. Explore a wide spectrum of aromas and discover the key to crafting a balanced and enduring fragrance, whilst getting exclusive access to their collection of 36 curated ingredients.

Equipped with beakers, scales, scent strips, stirrers, and recipe sheets, you’ll embark on a captivating journey through scent families, from Floral and Oriental to Woody and Fresh. Each category boasts subcategories, unveiling a seemingly infinite combination of different smells. Take notes on which scents speak to you, highlighting your favourites.

As you go through the scents, the perfumers will reveal the unique characteristics of each scent and offer valuable blending tips for a cohesive recipe. You’ll learn the nuances of top notes, heart notes, and base notes – whether you incorporate all three notes is up to you, you’ll have the freedom to craft a fragrance that resonates with your individuality. 

Experiment with scent strips, discover harmonious combinations, list your chosen ingredients, and begin mixing your very own masterpiece. By the end of the enriching process, you’ll emerge with a fragrance that is undeniably and unmistakably you – an aromatic embodiment of your essence in every spritz.

Priced at IDR 660,000, the two-hour Perfume Masterclass includes your very own 50ml perfume bottle. Our Projects is open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No. 47d, Canggu
+62 821 4656 0491

Natural Bar Soap Making

Discover the fascinating world of natural bar soap making at The Soap Class Bali. This hidden gem invites you to dive into hands-on soap and cosmetics crafting classes, with the Natural Bar Soap Making workshop being a favourite among visitors.

Led by soap artisan Ledu, you’ll create exquisite, one-of-a-kind natural bar soaps that outshine even some of the fanciest store-bought products. Before you begin – safety first! One of the key ingredients is the hazardous substance, lye (sodium hydroxide), so you’ll be provided with aprons and gloves, transporting you back to your science class days.

Natural bar soaps come to life through a magical blend of oils and lye. When these elements combine, they produce soap, and glycerine as a by-product, which has a thirst for moisture, so proper storage in a dry environment is essential for longevity.

To craft natural bar soap, you’ll need plant-based oils, lye, distilled water, essential or fragrance oils, and, for artistic flair, colourants. You’ll also require non-corrosive equipment that can withstand lye, such as plastic, silicone, or stainless steel.

Now, for the exciting part – the scents! Choose from an array of aromatic essential and fragrance oils such as sweet orange, refreshing peppermint, perhaps calming lavender or any other scents that pique your interest. Next, dive into colours, choosing clay, plant or mica powders as your artist’s palette. You can even incorporate dried flowers, seeds, or a touch of glitter for aesthetics.

The workshop employs the cold-process method, with the lye and water mixture prepared in advance for your convenience. Your job? Measure out each ingredient into separate containers, mix colourants with your plant-based oils, and blend the lye solution into the oils with a hand blender. Save the essential or fragrance oils for last, as they quickly thicken the mixture. 

After pouring your mixture into the mould and adding embellishments, allow it to set for a few days to harden. Before you start lathering up, there’s one last step – a curing process that takes around 2-4 weeks, during which the soap dries, water evaporates, and chemical reactions transform it into a solid bar soap, ready for your cleansing needs.

The two-hour Natural Bar Soap Class is priced at IDR 475,000 and is available from Monday to Saturday by appointment.

Seminyak Square
Jl. Kayu Aya No. 100, Seminyak
+62 877 1142 0659

Scented Candle Workshop

Imagine walking into a room and being enveloped in a delightful, enchanting aroma that calms the mind and soothes the nerves. That’s the magic of scented candles and if you’re looking to learn this craft, INNI Bali’s Scent-based workshops in Bali will immerse you in the realm of natural scented candle-making.

The workshop is like stepping into an aromatic wonderland, a fragrant journey that promises to light up not just your space but your imagination as well. With the Candles 1.0 Workshop you’ll learn how to make a candle but also the secrets on what makes a balanced and harmonious aroma.

To make your candles, you’ll need a handful of ingredients: perfume for your scent, with available variants ranging from citrus, florals, and wood notes to masculine fragrances and Indonesian herbal scents; a treasure trove of house-dried botanicals sourced from local markets and crystals procured from Indonesian mines; and of course, the all-natural wax, made from soy, coconut or carnauba, all locally sourced to support local businesses.

As you embark on this creative process, you’ll have the opportunity to create not just one, but three candles (150-170g each), starting with crafting your unique fragrance blend using a collection of Eau de Parfum grade oils and essential oils. Next, unleash your artistic side by decorating your glass containers with dried botanicals and sparkling crystals. Then comes the moment of precision and care as you pour the natural wax, ensuring it solidifies perfectly to provide a solid foundation for your final embellishments. 

Before you know it, you’ll be gazing at your very own handcrafted scented candles, ready to enchant your space and senses. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home décor or create personalised gifts for your loved ones, INNI Bali’s workshops are your gateway to artistic expression through candle-making.

The 90-minute Candles 1.0 Workshop is priced at IDR 350,000 but why stop there when you can enhance your candle-making experience with their latest Wellness Workshop, which combines the art of candle-making with meditation, yoga, and sound bath, promising an experience to awaken your senses and nourish your soul.

Jl. Binginsari, Kampus Unnud, Jimbaran
+62 811 8121 1120

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