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Traditional Balinese Cuisine: 7 Must-Try Authentic Local Dishes

An aspect of Balinese culture that continues to captivate visitors and locals alike is its culinary legacy, a testament to the island’s rich tapestry of traditions shaped by centuries of trade and migration. The authentic Balinese cuisine offers a glimpse into the island’s soul, where each dish tells a story of heritage, community, and the

Things to Do in Uluwatu: Where Culture Meets Leisure

Uluwatu – a region that makes up the southwestern tip of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists and locals alike. Blessed with some of the most breathtaking coastal scenes, from its pristine beaches and stunning cliffs to iconic landmarks and historical sites, Uluwatu is where one can experience both

Learning the Healing Art of Jamu

Start the New Year with a commitment to revitalisation and well-being by adding a new skill to your repertoire. Explore the ancient art of jamu, a centuries-old traditional Indonesian elixir that continues to exist to this day. Dive into the secrets of these time-honoured health concoctions, crafted from a combination of herbs and spices used

A Brief History of Ubud: Cultural and Spiritual Heart of Bali

Each year, millions of globetrotters descend upon the island of Bali seeking a taste of the tropical paradise, from exploring the riches of its pristine beaches to trekking the majestic landscapes, Bali has no limitations when it comes to the plethora of experiences that visitors can discover. However, Bali is first and foremost known for

Scent-based Workshops in Bali: Craft Your Own Perfume, Soap and Candle

Unlock the enchanting world of fragrances with immersive scent-based workshops in Bali, where the art of perfumery, soap-making and candle-crafting come to life. Go on an aromatic journey through these scent-based workshops in Bali, where creativity and craft come together to awaken your senses, one delightful aroma at a time. Perfume Masterclass What if you

Water Palaces of East Bali

Traversing the picturesque roads to the coastal outskirts of east Bali is an adventure in and of itself, where one’s journey is accompanied by verdant rolling hills on one side and ocean panoramas on the other. Most popular for its outdoor offerings, the east also hosts some historical highlights worth visiting, including the elaborate ‘estates’

A Beachfront Izakaya at SugarSand

SugarSand, the vibrant beachfront eatery that has been a beloved Seminyak destination since its inception in 2018, has recently undergone a remarkable conceptual transformation. Under the helm of the new head chef, Syamsul Rizal, the venue now offers an exhilarating dining experience that still carries the same suave atmosphere but with new bites and fresh

AYANA Komodo Blooms in the Cape of Flowers

Nestled in the harbour town of Labuan Bajo on the western end of Flores is a tropical paradise an hour’s flight from Bali, AYANA Komodo Waecicu Beach is the first luxury resort in Komodo offering an eco-friendly stay, exquisite facilities, thrilling activities, and most importantly – million-dollar views. In this Room Raider, we take you

An Elevated Seafood Feast at Ikan Restaurant

Spoiling diners with tantalising seafood and Indonesian-inspired culinary offerings, the beachfront Ikan restaurant and bar bring vibrant vibes and a unique concept to the tranquil Nusa Dua area. Nestled on the pristine Nusa Dua coastline, the fully revamped Ikan at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali is an exciting addition to the upscale neighbourhood, providing

North Bali - DPS - Brahma Vihara

Explorations in North Bali: From Ancient History to Hot Springs

Bali’s vast geographical landscape has no limits when it comes to exploring. From the bustling south, the majestic mountains of the east to the wilderness of the west. However, despite once being the gateway to the island, the north Bali coastline seems the least journeyed and explored, and many wonder if north Bali is worth

Tempakultura: A Space to Create

An intimate, multipurpose venue that encourages the imaginative explorations of the human mind, Tempakultura is a creative virtual and physical space to create. Established in October 2020, Tempakultura is a creative space, shop and café located in the Kerobokan area. An intimate, multipurpose venue for imaginative explorations of the human mind that was co-founded by

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