Why not spend Christmas dining in one of Bali’s most legendary institutions, Poppies Restaurant. Every year, this timeless dining destination presents guests with the most decadent of Balinese feasts, the famous suckling pig, or babi guling, served specially for times of festivity and celebration.

Poppies Restaurant in Kuta was opened in 1973 and is one of the island’s earliest dining establishments, serving Indonesian and international food in a gorgeous, gardened oasis. Having celebrated their 50th anniversary in January 2023, for 5 decades the restaurant has retained its original charm and still welcomes guests into its time-capsule of classic Bali within its walls.

Located in the winding alleys of Poppies Lane, this delightful spot welcomes with warm Balinese hospitality. The food is hearty and wholesome: many guests will come to savour their iconic Rijstaffel, or ‘Rice Table’, a smorgasbord of Indonesian delicacies. Just as iconic is the restaurant’s bar, resembling the tropical bars of a bygone era, where many a care-free conversation can be had whilst enjoying the most classic of cocktails. It’s not only a good meal, it’s an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of Bali’s yesteryears, soaking up the serenity of a historic Bali icon.

As mentioned, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Poppies Restaurant presents the opportunity to celebrate the festive season ‘Bali-Style’, serving up the most festive of Balinese feasts: Babi Guling, the traditional Balinese roast pork, with an extra special presentation. Enjoy this spit-roasted pork, stuffed and basted with delicious herbs and spices, and served with crispy crackling, Balinese-style vegetables, spicy sausage, satay, potato patties, and steamed rice, accompanied with a tasty broth, priced at IDR 215.000++. This is only available in Poppies on 24 and 25 December 2023.

Book Online or Call (0361) 751059 | Open 8am to 11pm

Poppies Bali
Poppies Lane 1 – south end of Jalan Legian, Kuta
(0361) 751059

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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