If you love fresh baked goods, with soft buns and delicate fillings, then you’ll definitely find happiness at JOY, a new eatery that’s just opened up on the hills of Uluwatu. From breakfast to dinner, JOY serves up an eclectic array of comfort favourites set to put a smile on your face.

As its name suggests, the philosophy of this new delightful spot is centred on bringing joy to customers — which, in turn, brings joy to their team! Opening at the end of October along the the now buzzing streets of Padang Padang, Uluwatu, the tropical café, bakery and restaurant brings a smorgasbord of sweet and savoury dishes to enjoy all day.

Little Pleasures

What always brings that hungry smile to one’s face is seeing tempting baked treats on display. This is certainly the case at JOY boasting an irresistible array of pastries — the bakery is certainly the heart and hearth of much of JOY’s offerings.

You’ll find soft, puffy and perfectly glazed Berliner, classic Middle-eastern Babka, adorable lemon madeleine, and even savoury goodies like their sourdough focaccia with tomatoes, olives and feta cheese. The aromas of the toasty buns and breads will have your eyes widening and your mouth salivating!

These are perfectly matched with the professionally brewed coffee, including some signatures like the ‘Joy Special Hot’ (Espresso / Tiramisu Syrup / Banana milk),  iced ‘Espresso Tonic’ or the iced ‘Jeruk Bumble’ (Espresso / fresh orange)

Hearty and Wholesome

Whether you’re there for a big hearty breakfast or intimate dinner, JOY’s menu caters to all. From smoked salmon scrambled eggs, açai smoothie bowls, a gorgeous French toast with homemade brioche, to fluffy pancakes.

Lunchtime favourites include some signature sandwiches, from the Sourdough Focaccia with layers of mortadella ham, to the Chicken Pesto Sandwich with toasty brioche bread and homemade pesto, or indeed the ‘Brekky Burger’ with crispy bacon and fried egg.

 Their starters and mains take on a more Mediterranean and European array of dishes, featuring shareable plates like the Salmon Paté or the Whipped Feta Dip, or the ultimate Burrata Salad. Mains include the likes of comfort pasta dishes and to their signature ‘Bread Pizza’ — grilled flatbread topped with fine ingredients like prosciutto and stracciatella or pear and gorgonzola.

You’ll find a list of great classic cocktails, well-priced imported wines and local craft beers for those looking to add a little extra en’joy’ment to their meal.

Joyfully Sustainable

JOY isn’t just about satisfying your taste buds; it’s committed to smart consumption and environmental care. The team actively engages in charitable and environmental initiatives, including island clean-ups.

The cafe’s furniture, crafted from recycled plastic bottles, speaks volumes about their commitment to sustainability. The menu, too, boasts only natural local ingredients, free from preservatives, flavor enhancers, and chemical compounds. “We are creating not just a cafe, but a source of joy and inspiration. We want guests to feel this joy in every detail – from the dishes on the table to the interaction with all of us,” shares a JOY team member.

Through good food and happy faces, set in wholesome tropical setting, this Uluwatu eatery invites you ‘Go for Joy!’ next time you’re in the area.

Joy All Day Restaurant and Bakery
Jl. Labuan Sait No 61, Padang Padang, Uluwatu
+62 823 4003 6540
@joycafe.bali |

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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