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“A kite must be in balance with nature, otherwise it will not fly”.

From 2 to 22 December 2023, CushCush Gallery will feature the exhibition ‘Wind Forest: Rimba Angin’, featuring the works of artists Yoh Yasuda and Kadek Armika and their unique contemporary kite creations.

Kites are a big part of Balinese everyday life. Every year, starting in July as the winter winds blow in from the south, the skies are populated with Bali’s traditional kites — like the Bebean (fish-shaped kites), Janggan (dragon-shaped kites), and Pecukan (leaf-shaped kites) — soaring and fluttering like sails against the wind. The ultimate display is seen during the annual kite festivals, where banjar communities compete in thrilling showdowns on the beachfronts.

Indonesian and Balinese kites have been a particular interest to Japanese contemporary artist, Yoh Yasuda, finding affinity in the the culture of her mother’s hometown of Nagasaki, famous for its own kite festival in Japan. They have been a keen subject of her art explorations.

This led Yoh to Bali in July 2023, where she participated in the Bali International Kite Festival. This is where she met with I Kadek Dwi Armika, a renowned kite art marker and organiser of the festival. His own creations of contemporary kites have been key to the development of this niche art form, and his knowledge of traditional kite-making and culture is unsurpassed.

Kadek Armika’s kite creations from natural materials captivated Yoh, paving the way as the beginning of their collaboration, with both believing that kites are universal for all people and ages.

In October 2023, Yoh came to Bali to learn more, starting a six-week residency and research on the island, learning directly from Kadek Armika. The result of this cross-cultural collaboration is on display at the ‘Wind Forest: Rimba Angin’ exhibition at CushCush Gallery.

“The exhibition explores kites in terms of materials and shapes. Using natural materials and playing with the idea of wind as an invitation for everyone to reconnect closer to nature,” read the gallery’s curatorial notes.

“The work is also a response to environmental issues Bali is facing. The artists wish to share that just like flying a kite in the wind, everything needs to exist in balance, to continue its existence and flourish. They believe that thinking about kites together and the various responses that would be generated in the arts and crafts, and the awareness of environmental issues, will lead to our better future, and development of Asian art.”

The exhibition will be held from 2 to 22 December 2023. Opening times: Mon-Fri (9am-5pm), Sat-Sun (10am – 5pm). Free admission and open to public.

Exhibition Opening Event
1 December 2023 | 7pm
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“Make Your Own Kites” Children Workshop
2 December 2023 | 10am to 12.30pm
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