Unlike Bali’s classic and long-established museums, with their timeless but more static exhibits, these selected art spaces in Bali showcase the work of more contemporary and new artists, presenting the most current snapshot of the island’s artistic landscape.

The venues listed below are a mixture of contemporary galleries to concept stores to flexible spaces that feature rolling, curated exhibitions. Whether you’re looking to browse through beautiful collections of purchasable paintings or want to see the work of the latest local artists, these art spaces in Bali are where you should visit.

Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store – Seminyak

Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store has curated works from both national and international artists, beautifully displayed in their chic Seminyak showroom, to help art lovers confidently find a piece that’s right for them.

The space is home to works of art, exotic and ethnic homeware, boutique clothing and accessories. The wonderland of treasures has been curated by Félicie, who island-hopped from her Tahitian home of 22 years to Bali where she fell in love with the arts, nature and the people.

As a professional interior designer, she has used her ‘eye’ to make the Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store a whimsical place to browse through, with artworks hanging on every wall and irresistible nicknacks and decor throughout.

That very same artistic discernment has been channelled to find very special works of art. Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store features paintings from more than 50 national and international artists, with a particular focus on Asiatic-themed paintings originating from Bali, Jogjakarta, Vietnam, China and Thailand. The selected artists are revered in their own right, many have been featured in solo or group exhibitions, giving gravitas to their name and thus their work. Importantly, all of the paintings are original and come with certification.

Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store
Jalan Kayu Jati No.12, Kerobokan Kelod (beside Motel Mexicola)
IG: @felizeyeartgallery
FB: @felizeyeartgallery

Titik Dua – Mas, Ubud

A unique, relatively new, landmark in Ubud, Titik Dua, is sited back from the Mas village thoroughfare, behind two buildings distinguished by Balinese architecture. An extraordinary aspect of this boutique hotel is the “runway” suspended fifteen meters above the ground, seemingly to capture the rays of the morning sun. However, the ground floor of this unique hotel is an art space that has become a popular location for many of the top exhibitions, especially among Bali and Indonesia’s leading artists or art groups.

Art Spaces in Bali

Distinct architectural qualities throughout the four-storey complex fuse the elements of water, wind, earth and space. Red bricks, iconic to Balinese temples, create a marked sense of place, and evergreen gardens harmonise with pools of water. The industrial aesthetics of iron structures and angular black surfaces represent Ubud as an urban landscape.

Since its inaugural happening in August 2020, Titik Dua has set the new standard, being a leading light in Ubud during and after the pandemic with regular exhibitions and events, while other galleries went into hibernation. Importantly, these events have injected fresh spirit into the Ubud art and creative landscape. Moreover, the events attract new faces, attended by the younger generations from Denpasar, Kerobokan and Canggu.

Titik Dua Ubud Art Spaces in Bali

Jl. Cok Rai Pudak No. 48, Peliatan, Ubud
+62 361 975 139 | info@titikdua.id

Nyaman Gallery – Seminyak

Established in 2015, Nyaman Gallery is located in the vibrant Seminyak area. Enclosed within a sophisticated monochromatic building with unique window-displayed contemporary art, Nyaman Gallery presents a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling neighbourhood with a warmly lit and well-decorated space. Derived from the Indonesian word ‘nyaman’, meaning comfortable or cosy, the word is reflected in the gallery’s philosophy in showcasing its contemporary art collection.

Art spaces in Bali

Showcasing twelve upcoming local artists along with established international artists, Nyaman Gallery works closely together with the represented artists to present unique and innovative perspectives into a dynamic collection, which includes a wide variety of striking, street-style urban art, extraordinary mixed media pieces, captivating surreal paintings, and stunning photography that utilises both digital techniques along with contemporary photography using creative use of wet-collodion.

Nurturing a select and familial relationship with its artists, Nyaman Gallery cherishes not only the final product but also the fun experienced in the creative process and urges the artists to be bold, experiment, push boundaries and tap into their artistic minds to discover their fullest potential.

Art spaces in Bali

Coming up to the second floor, visitors will find Nyaman Artspace, which regularly holds creative workshops over the weekends. These workshops and classes are open for participants of all ages that will not only take home their creations but a fruitful experience to be remembered.

“With visitors hailing from all over the world, we welcome art lovers into a dialogue where the East engages the West, where modern ideas complement traditional philosophies, and where travellers can discover the magical beauty of Indonesia.”

Art spaces in Bali

Additionally, Nyaman Gallery not only exhibits original contemporary art but also presents a beautifully curated collection of Indonesian traditional arts. The gallery hopes to preserve the mythical Indonesian culture by highlighting the archipelago’s rich and stunning yet increasingly forgotten age-old craftsmanship that is encompassed in these antique items. From the regal ceremonial headdresses from Sumatra, Bali and Papua; the intricately hand-carved wooden betel containers from Sumba; to the war spears from Borneo, and many more age-old inspired items that are carefully handcrafted by Indonesian artisans.

Jl. Basangkasa No. 88, Seminyak
+62 361 736 226

TiTian Art Space – Mas, Ubud

Titian Art spaces in Bali

Located in the cultural heart of Bali, TiTian Art Space can be found in Ubud. Established in 2016 by the TiTian Bali Foundation, founded by Soemantri Widagdo, TiTian Art Space was envisioned as a platform to preserve Bali’s magnificent cultural heritage from any disturbances caused by the ever-changing technological, social and cultural developments of the 21st century. It was also created to guide Balinese visual artists in manoeuvring and withstanding these changes that are happening worldwide in the hopes that they will find enough success to push the creative economy in Bali and, eventually, Indonesia, and to put Balinese art on the global radar.

Titian Art spaces in Bali

The Foundation’s main mission is to discover exceptional artists in the Balinese art industry, specifically in painting and carving, and guide them so that they can reach their maximum potential in both the local and international spotlight. This should really be the objective of all boutique art spaces in Bali.

The Foundation also makes an effort to present a nurturing environment that will allow artistic freedom, supporting their artistic creativity to thrive within the limits and intersections of Balinese culture, while also welcoming new technological advancements and external artistic influences.

Titian Art spaces in Bali

It is through this vision that TiTian Bali Foundation strives to ensure the survival of the traditional Balinese visual arts in this ever-evolving modern world and to achieve its cultural and economic potential to its fullest.

Instagram: @titianartspace
Biji World, Jl. Raya Mas, MAS, Ubud
+62 361 908 7230 / +62 811 398 8444

Cush Cush Gallery – Denpasar

Nestled in the bustling Denpasar area of Bali, CushCush Gallery Bali was established in 2016 and was envisioned as a space that can accommodate innovative collaborations between design and art. Presenting itself as an alternative gallery, CushCush Gallery celebrates multifaceted creativity through cross-explorations of art, design, materiality, techniques and crafts. The gallery is an extension of the CushCush family, a design company co-founded by Suriawati Qiu and Jindee Chua.

Conceived as a small haven away from the hustle and bustle of Denpasar, the gallery rests within CushCush Studio, an expansive space that was previously a garment factory. The gallery comprises of the main gallery space along with three smaller studio spaces that can accommodate wide-ranging creative and art programmes, as well as showcase space for artworks to limited-edition design objects and furniture. It’s a new way of thinking about a gallery, making it one of the very unique art spaces in Bali.

The gallery exhibits a variety of established and upcoming artists, both local and international, to showcase innovative and high-quality contemporary design and art programs that are designed to enliven the Balinese art industry. CushCush Gallery facilitates networking between a global community of artists and creatives in Bali through its year-round programs including residencies, collaborations, workshops and curated exhibitions.

Several of their annual programs include CCG Discover, DenPasarArt+Design, and CHARCOAL FOR CHILDREN, a community-based creative program that brings local and international artists as well as creative communities together to explore drawing using charcoal with children.

In 2021, Cush Cush Gallery presented a phenomenal body of work and exhibition titled ‘Colors of Bali’, which displayed many of Bali’s traditional crafts that utilised natural colours and pigments. The exhibition included incredible insight into the current usage of natural colours in the creation of these crafts today, transcending just a visual exhibition as a research project that proves invaluable to Bali’s craft scene.

Instagram: @cucushgallery_bali
Jl. Teuku Umar, Gg. Rajawali No. 1A, Denpasar
+62 361 484 558

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