From Beyond the Veil: The Art of Made Djirna

Lovers of Balinese art have a unique opportunity to see an exhibition of one of Indonesia’s contemporary masters, Made Djirna. MADE DJIRNA RETROSPECTIVE 1992-2022, opened on 18 December 2023 and continues until 7 January 2024 at ARMA Museum, Ubud.  “My concern is to express reflections that go far deeper than what we can know with


The Art of Aprililia: Dancing Lines of the Subconscious

Aprililia is an emerging painter from West Sumatra, gifted with a unique talent, who recently began residing in Bali. Born in 2000 in Padang, the self-taught artist significantly contributes to the growing wealth of extraordinary national and international creatives who call the island home. Lily, as she is also known, majored in Informatics Education at

Ketut Nugi: Reconfiguring Colonial Iconography into Balinese Art Statements

Emerging Balinese contemporary artist Ketut Nugi captured my attention in a group exhibition, ‘Documenting Perspective’ at Nonfrasa Gallery in Ubud that took place July-August 2022. Showcased within a display cabinet, ‘Irrational of Joy’ 2022 is a montage of colourful illustrations and old photographs that transports the imagination to the formative days of Dutch colonialism tourism

Personal Therapy Through Prett Art’s Joyous Clay Figurines

Colourful, light-hearted and cute, I was immediately captured by the art of Venty Vergianti. Her delightful pint-sized clay figurines, distinguished by jubilant emotions and childlike faces with open mouths, either smiling or bursting with laughter while sporting radiantly glazed caps, encapsulate an undeniably scrumptious art recipe. Their rotund bellies are often exaggerated, forming copious receptacles


NONFRASA: Bali’s Exciting New Contemporary Art Venue

Nonfrasa, a new contemporary gallery in Ubud, has captured my heart and imagination. The brainchild of Balinese creative Krisna Sudharma, Nonfrasa merges avant-garde Balinese and Indonesian contemporary art with harmonic architectural design to induce the perfect art experience. According to the website, “Nonfrasa is a platform dedicated to discovering emerging artists and rediscovering left-field work

Jemana Murti: Art Beyond the Limitations of the Body and Mind

Emerging Balinese artist Jemana Murti has embarked on a distinct creative mission, anchored securely within his traditions while propelling him on an exciting trajectory and original art frontiers. The creative is exploring vast horizons for artistic development, utilising AI and 3D printing technologies. Majoring in Fine Art at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in

#4 Sketch by I Desak Putu Lambon. Image courtesy of the Robert Lemelson Collection.

Desak Putu Lambon: Bali’s First Recorded Woman Artist

Cultural regeneration is an essential aspect of Balinese painting, with techniques and knowledge of narratives passed down through the generations. However the woman’s role, especially the daughters of artists, has yet to be acknowledged. “It was very unusual for a woman to occupy herself with art, and after I Desak Putu Lambon, it took thirty-five


I Gusti Nyoman Darta: Following the Lines of Lempad

If you are a fanatic of Bali, you will be interested by the character of I Gusti Nyoman Darta. He had an early life typical of the feudal system of the days. Barely 5, he was entrusted by his father to one of the princes of Ubud, Tjokorde Ngurah Puri Saren. He took the mantle

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