Bali Meets France: Fostering Cross-Cultural Exchange in Design

Bali is renowned for its rich traditional heritage and the exceptional creativity of its inhabitants. Its cultural icons blend nature’s offerings with human ingenuity, manifesting in sacred ritual implements, architecture, textiles, painting, sculpture and an array of implements for daily life. The island showcases human expression at the highest levels, with superb attention to detail,

Richard Horstman

SUN . CONTEMPORARY Gallery Opens in Pererenan

Opening its doors in Pererenan on 4 April 2024, the new SUN . CONTEMPORARY Gallery showcases an eclectic collection of works by established and emerging Indonesian and international artists. Set across two floors, the sleek gallery space is situated behind the popular Shelter restaurant, tucked away from the main road, allowing for a peaceful browse

Stigma Bali: Art Activism Collective Highlights Significant Social Issues

Social issues that impact upon and divide societies continue to receive increasing exposure from a new local contemporary art activism movement. A recent exhibition by the Stigma Bali collective, their third event since April 2023, was themed Discrimination. The exhibition closed at Joshua District, Kediri, Tabanan, on 4  May 2024. “Stigma is a collective exhibition

­New Venues Highlight Ubud’s Evolving Art Infrastructure

Ubud’s art infrastructure continues to grow while distinguishing the area as Bali’s art and cultural heartland. Constantly progressing as new initiatives and the culmination of planning and hard work manifests into physical form, exciting new venues grant opportunities to the Balinese, Indonesian and foreign communities, not only economically but also by inspiring creativity and developing

How Ubud Open Studios is Helping to Revive Art Tourism in Bali

NOW! Bali Magazine talks with Mila Shwaiko, co-founder and director of Elami & Co, the organisational team behind the Ubud Open Studios (UOS), to learn more about the visionary programme. Visual art is one of the original cultural icons that, during the first wave of tourism, between 1920 and 1942, helped position Bali on the


From Beyond the Veil: The Art of Made Djirna

Lovers of Balinese art have a unique opportunity to see an exhibition of one of Indonesia’s contemporary masters, Made Djirna. MADE DJIRNA RETROSPECTIVE 1992-2022, opened on 18 December 2023 and continues until 7 January 2024 at ARMA Museum, Ubud.  “My concern is to express reflections that go far deeper than what we can know with


The Art of Aprililia: Dancing Lines of the Subconscious

Aprililia is an emerging painter from West Sumatra, gifted with a unique talent, who recently began residing in Bali. Born in 2000 in Padang, the self-taught artist significantly contributes to the growing wealth of extraordinary national and international creatives who call the island home. Lily, as she is also known, majored in Informatics Education at

Ketut Nugi: Reconfiguring Colonial Iconography into Balinese Art Statements

Emerging Balinese contemporary artist Ketut Nugi captured my attention in a group exhibition, ‘Documenting Perspective’ at Nonfrasa Gallery in Ubud that took place July-August 2022. Showcased within a display cabinet, ‘Irrational of Joy’ 2022 is a montage of colourful illustrations and old photographs that transports the imagination to the formative days of Dutch colonialism tourism

Personal Therapy Through Prett Art’s Joyous Clay Figurines

Colourful, light-hearted and cute, I was immediately captured by the art of Venty Vergianti. Her delightful pint-sized clay figurines, distinguished by jubilant emotions and childlike faces with open mouths, either smiling or bursting with laughter while sporting radiantly glazed caps, encapsulate an undeniably scrumptious art recipe. Their rotund bellies are often exaggerated, forming copious receptacles

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