Titik Dua, Ubud’s Creative Boutique Hotel Helps to Redefine Bali Tourism

A unique, relatively new, landmark in Ubud, Titik Dua, is sited back from the Mas village thoroughfare, behind two buildings distinguished by Balinese architecture. An extraordinary aspect of this boutique hotel is the “runway” suspended fifteen meters above the ground, seemingly to capture the rays of the morning sun. The hotel lobby entry is one


Sastia Naresvari: Sharing the Relevance of Art via Live Painting

The increasing presence of women artists on the Bali contemporary art scene introduces fresh, feminine vigour into a sphere that was once primarily patriarchal. Balinese, Indonesian and foreign expatriate female artists are a rising creative force. They are regularly exhibiting in Canggu, Denpasar, Jimbaran and Ubud.  Emerging Indonesian artist Sastia Naresvari is an abstract expressionistic

cakravala art indonesia

Cakravala: A New Cultural Platform Elevating Emerging Indonesian Artists

I am fascinated by the evolution of creativity within contemporary culture. We are living in exciting times and the pandemic has accelerated our positive human potential. I believe the artists and creatives lead the way. Their imagination, activities and questioning introduce society to new, functional experiential forms and technologies manifesting in a better world –

Ogoh-Ogoh Dharmanegara Alaya

How Balinese Creatives Responded to the Cancelled Ogoh-Ogoh Parades

One of the most fantastic artistic attributes of the Balinese culture is the Ogoh-ogoh. Extraordinary papier-mâché and bamboo representations of external and inner demons manifest as frightening giant sculptures. Ogoh-ogoh are paraded through village crossroads across Bali during the Ngrupuk parade on the eve of Nyepi. A cleansing ceremony that ushers in the first day

Universe 2021 Made Valasara. Handstitched stuffed canvas. 125 x 120 cm

Made Valasara’s Artistic Exploration of Material Potential

One of the most enjoyable aspects of observing the Bali art scene is witnessing young artists’ creative development. To grow, budding artists must take risks and experiment. Some willingly embrace change, others less so. An artist’s career is about the journey, not the destination. There is no substitute for dedication, honesty and hard work. Contemporary

Swoofone - 'The Book of Infinite Knowledge' 2020 - Swoofone Mixed media on wood. 120 x 175cm.

Swoofone: A Glimpse into the Future of Balinese Art

‘The Island of the Gods’ is an incomparable sensuous experience. Mysterious and captivating, our perception encounters fascinating visual and non-visible layers. Bali’s thriving artistic landscape increasingly contributes an aesthetically potent and relevant dimension.  One young artist has recently impacted the local art scene, initially honing his ideas within the street art realm. I Wayan Subudi

Black Hand Gang Printing Bali Mas 2

Black Hand Gang: A Vision for Indonesian Art Printmaking

Indonesian society has evolved with an array of distinct visual languages. The wayang shadow puppet theatre is one of the original communication modalities to educate, entertain and capture the multi-ethnic cultures’ imagination. The modern era, however is plagued by digital imagery overload and the urban hubs are saturated with visual advertising pollution. Art calms the

Bunnybone's 2020 art students. Image courtesy of Bunnybone.

Bunnybone’s Positive Artistic Response to the Pandemic

“The pandemic triggered me to reflect upon the fragility of being and humanity’s vulnerability to the forces of nature. It has had a powerful impact upon my life,” says contemporary Indonesian artist Bianca Timmerman, who lives in Perenenan, South Bali. “The threat of the virus required me to become vigilant and more aware; to endeavour

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