Meet Soemantri Widagdo, Art Visionary

Agent of change, entrepreneur and Balinese art expert Soemantri Widagdo has over the past two decades had a significant influence upon the Bali art world. Volunteer curator and international liaison officer at Ubud’s Museum PuriLukisan for twenty years, following this, in 2016 he established Yayasan TiTian Bali (TiTian Bali Foundation) in Ubud. A not for

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Bali’s Art Landscape, Insight from Bali’s Curators

Since the Kamasan era, Balinese art has largely been associated with traditional paintings. Army of ART•BALI and art curator Savitri Sastrawan, beg to differ, expressing how this no longer applies and should be detached from popular belief. We take a look at the development of art on the island from the eyes of these ‘caretakers’

Bali’s Eclectic Art Spaces

Away from the larger museums with their timeless – but more static – exhibits, these selected art spaces in Bali showcase the work of contemporary and new artists, presenting the most current snapshot of the island’s art landscape. Besides being home to luxurious resorts, a plethora of pristine beaches and the island’s all-around natural beauty, Bali is imbued with a rich history and heritage in

New Initiatives in Bali’s Creativity

During the past century, the Balinese people have graciously welcomed tourists onto the island and shared their unique culture. Rich in practical and philosophical wisdom, the Balinese culture offers a vibrant, attractive ‘alternative’ eastern lifestyle to western cultural practices. Art and culture were the original tourism drawing cards, attracting the initial wave of tourists in

Bali’s Next Generation of Artists

It seems as if every Balinese has artistic blood running through their veins, expressed through painting, sculpting or performance. Whether its its origins are nature or nurture – likely the latter – it has resulted in a society that thrives within the creative realm. Yet, art is forever evolving. Even on an island where tradition

Balinese Art: Mutations from Traditional to Contemporary

Journalist Eric Buvelot and socio-ethnologist Jean Couteau have recorded 20 hours of discussion about changes that have happened in Bali since the 70’s. The conversation was structured and segmented according to many different aspects of Balinese life, mostly from a socio-historical perspective, to trace all the overturning in Balinese mores since 50 years, when modernity

Ritual Life

With the Batuan painting style, ritual life has long been an inspiration for the artists. Here, Bruce Granquist shares how important rituals are to the subject and timing of artists and their work. Life in Batuan is saturated with ritual. The steady flow of ritual activity in people’s lives sets them firmly in a sacred

Batuan Artists: Inspired by Diversions

With the Batuan painting style, daily life has long been an inspiration for the artists. Here, Bruce Granquist shares how the everyday diversions of the Balinese inspired certain painters. These pages show three paintings by artists in some way connected to the painting studio of I Made Jata, the most active art teacher in Batuan. 

Ni Luh Vony Dewi : A Free Spirit with a Creative Soul

Ni Luh Vony has found freedom and opportunity as an artist displaying her work online; she has found a way to breakthrough without the help of the ‘conventional art world’. The Internet is empowering people and has democratised the art world. It has created a platform that supports a new and dynamic digital art world

Bali’s Local Market on Canvas

Local markets are a great source of inspiration for painters in Bali and, as contributor Bruce Granquist explains, these bustling scenes become all the more interesting when painted in the intricate and detailed form of the Batuan painting style. Daily Life Everyday life of Bali, both traditional and contemporary, is a rich source of visual

Wayan Arnata: Traditional Practices Fused with Contemporary Ideas

Balinese artist Wayan Arnata first came to my attention in June 2013 in the landmark exhibition ‘Irony in Paradise’ by the collective Sanggar Dewata Indonesia (SDI) at the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) in Ubud, Bali.  ‘Nike Barong’ 2013, Arnata’s mixed media reflection upon the changing nature of the Balinese identity depicted the iconic

Ubud Diary Art Museum Lodtunduh

Ubud Diary : Bali’s Newest Art Gallery Showcasing the Ubud Style

A new art gallery and cultural landmark, Ubud Diary, has opened in Lodtunduh – just south of Ubud – presenting a collection predominantly exhibiting paintings of the Ubud style.  Ubud Diary held its grand opening on the 30th of November, 2019, coinciding also with a book launching of ‘Ubud Diary: Celebrating the Ubud School of

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