Our Bali, Your Bali – A Fundraising Cookbook Like No Other

When the tourist gates closed back in April, everyone thought that this would be a temporary setback. Like the Bali bombings, or the eruptions of Mount Agung, this was just another hiccup in Bali’s unpredictable tourist game. Now, nearly nine months later, that thinking has long subsided and the island’s economy (along with that of

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The Ongoing Challenges of Eco-Sustainability in Bali

Bali’s environmental challenges are well-known and ongoing. One of the main obstacles is how to manage household waste effectively. Every day the quantity of landfill waste dumped at Bali’s largest rubbish site, TPA Suwung, South Denpasar, is enormous, and beyond its capacity. Village administrations throughout the island are directed by the government to minimise the

Bali Groceries The Good Way: Eco-Friendly, Local, Delivered to Your Door

The pandemic has modified a number of collective behaviours, one of them being our shopping habits. With online purchases practically a snap of a finger away, the majority of businesses have embraced the readily-available digital platforms to keep up and running. If like us, you’ve been supporting small businesses, the current economic struggle has opened

The Decline and Replacement of Tourism in Bali

The Covid crisis has hit Bali hard and exposed something we knew to be a real possibility, an economy too dependent on a single sector. Bali’s economy was, and still is, 80-85% dependent directly or indirectly on tourism. Farmers, drivers and local shops are still dependent on tourists coming and eating, hiring buses and taxis

Sendok Kreatif: Creating Culinary Micro-Businesses for those Out of Work

Empowering people through entrepreneurship and marketing, Sendok Kreatif is more than a community born out of the pandemic-led lockdown. It strives to reignite the culinary spark of those left unemployed in the hospitality industry and to build a solid foundation in the digital world; for each one to eventually possess the vital purpose of a sendok or

Mixologist to Coffee Farmer: Wayan Arca and the Rise of Ulian Village

Ulian Murni is a farming village of 970 people, 150 hectares in size, found in the Kintamani area 40-minutes north of Ubud. Like most highland communities in north Bali, orange is the standard source of income for the native Ulian, perhaps even the greatest. These days, however, coffee comes as a tight second. Thanks to

Plastic Exchange Bali Thumb

Plastic Exchange: The ‘Plastic for Rice’ Movement Grows

“It’s spreading like wildfire,” says I Made Janur Yasa filled to the brim with enthusiasm; the kind we need in these trying times. Plastic For Rice is a barter scheme that aims to turn Bali’s environmental pollution issues into an opportunity to use plastic waste as a currency for food. The Plastic Exchange Initiative, as

What is the Purpose of Art?

Jimmy Knowles, a friend of mine in Connecticut, is a sculptor and many years ago I watched in fascination as he used a crane to get a huge tree trunk into position then attacked it with a buzz–saw. “Are you serious?”I asked, “what are you doing?’” “Creating, my boy, creating!’ he said. He hacked a

An Island of Acceptance and Harmony

Bali’s identity as a beautiful, tolerant and welcoming island is renowned across the globe, an island that is rich in culture and history where diversity is celebrated. Each year, the island attracts millions of visitors from all corners of the world looking to experience a taste of paradise, this includes many LGBTQ+ travellers. So, in

Being a Balinese Christian : A Question of Faith and Culture

When one thinks of Bali – its culture, its identity and its very image – there is little doubt that many will picture stone temples, canang offerings and colourful ceremonies. BUT, this isn’t everyone’s Bali, there are other communities who very much identify with their island, but instead worship at pews and not at shrines,

A Question of Identity

Who do you identify with? So many people feel close to celebrities who somehow reinforce their feelings of who they are. This often happens with singers whose lyrics resonate with the challenges and transitions in people’s lives. They know every word on their albums and you can see them singing along at concerts . Others

The Women of Bali : Overcoming Expectations

Balancing a bucket on her head and another in hand, she carries the first load of water back from the public well. It takes her seven more trips to fill the gebeh for her family to bathe and the terracotta vessels to begin her duties in the kitchen. All by the break of dawn. With

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