An Island of Acceptance and Harmony

Bali’s identity as a beautiful, tolerant and welcoming island is renowned across the globe, an island that is rich in culture and history where diversity is celebrated. Each year, the island attracts millions of visitors from all corners of the world looking to experience a taste of paradise, this includes many LGBTQ+ travellers. So, in

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Being a Balinese Christian : A Question of Faith and Culture

When one thinks of Bali – its culture, its identity and its very image – there is little doubt that many will picture stone temples, canang offerings and colourful ceremonies. BUT, this isn’t everyone’s Bali, there are other communities who very much identify with their island, but instead worship at pews and not at shrines,

The Women of Bali : Overcoming Expectations

Balancing a bucket on her head and another in hand, she carries the first load of water back from the public well. It takes her seven more trips to fill the gebeh for her family to bathe and the terracotta vessels to begin her duties in the kitchen. All by the break of dawn. With

Closing the Distance: People of Bali

In this photo essay, we share the small stories of everyday people in Bali unable to socially distance, dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak in their own way. Not everyone has the luxury of working from home, there are those that must keep businesses open, risking exposure, in order to keep the wolves at the door.

Bali’s Doctors on the Frontline

The people most exposed to Covid-19 are of course the medical workers who come face-to-face with potential carriers of the virus. NOW! Bali speaks to Dr. Nyoman Suparta of Badung Regional General Hospital to see what life on the front line is really like. “You’ve been working from home for two months now? How has

Meet Bali’s Mushroom Man : I Gede Artha Sudiarsana

I Gede Artha Sudiarsana is a young Balinese entrepreneur; through his self-made mushroom agribusiness, his mission is to inspire other youth to regenerate Indonesia’s agricultural industry. It’s not often you come across a young man who, even before leaving for university, has already planned to go back home. For I Gede Artha Sudiarsana, this was

Bali Farmers : Surviving in the Tourism Era

The Balinese believe that there is a great unseen power that results in a good harvest in their rice field. That power comes from Dewi Sri, the Goddess of Fertility. Good harvests and a gratitude towards the Goddess are strong foundations to the Balinese community’s rituals. Today, instead of functioning as a staple supply of

A Reminder : Bali Bomb Survivor

I can vaguely remember the way the policemen blocked the access to Kuta in 2002. There’s been a bombing, they said. Whilst I remember the day, my memory is nothing compared to those directly impacted, or even indirectly, by the events of that fateful day. Once a year, on 12 October, they commemorate the tragedy

The Seaweed Farmers of Nusa Lembongan

“It may look uninviting, but it tastes better than it looks,” said a local seaweed farmer in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, holding a shimmering frond of the green kelp he had just plucked from the warm seawaters. “Really?!” We all go about our daily lives without inquiring, without really caring to find out more. It’s one

Bali’s Extraordinary Exotic Reality

Bali will always be an enigma. A juxtaposition between sekala and niskala, the seen and the unseen or the material world and the spiritual. The reason the Balinese are not always present, a little bit of head in the clouds, is because their mind ponders frequently on their next ceremony. Offerings, prayer, dance and dramas,

Bali Beauty – The Real Thing

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, yet go to any traditional Balinese ceremony or head out of the city and beauty is all around you. Temple ceremony days are the best places to see beautiful girls. This is the time when everyone dresses up in their best. Makeup, jewellery, all the

Suteja Neka : Founder of Neka Museum

“A museum means a lot more than just a tourist object. it is a place where culture is preserved, art is admired, history is appreciated, and local wisdom is promoted. It acts as a teacher, a learning space, a world of information, and an inspiration.” Pande Wayan Suteja Neka (founder of NEKA Art Museum) The

Men of the Soil, Bali’s Backbone

The people who work Bali’s fields now are no longer young. Their children have all been sent off to school, to get an education, to follow what they see as the way to a better life!  But is it? Is there any satisfaction as strong as standing over your newly turned field, or of watching

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