Suteja Neka : Founder of Neka Museum

“A museum means a lot more than just a tourist object. it is a place where culture is preserved, art is admired, history is appreciated, and local wisdom is promoted. It acts as a teacher, a learning space, a world of information, and an inspiration.” Pande Wayan Suteja Neka (founder of NEKA Art Museum) The

Namhar Hernanto

Men of the Soil, Bali’s Backbone

The people who work Bali’s fields now are no longer young. Their children have all been sent off to school, to get an education, to follow what they see as the way to a better life!  But is it? Is there any satisfaction as strong as standing over your newly turned field, or of watching

Those Wild Men of Karangasem

There I was, far from home, surrounded by hundreds of wild eyed men, each brandishing a wicked looking Kris – the killer dagger used in many countries of the Asian world. While the scene sounds slightly surreal, strangely enough, it was far from dangerous! These beautiful folk were all in deep trance, as part of

The Children of Bali

The Children of Bali

The children of Bali are like a special breed. Smart, cheeky and often devout, they enliven every day with their cheeky attitudes. When Robert Koke, author of “Our house in Bali” in the ‘40’s, revisited Bali after an absence of almost 40 years, he was asked if he found Bali had much changed. His reply was

Dance Maestro Ni Ketut Arini and the Festivity of Balinese Dance

Almost everything celebratory in Bali starts with a dance. Whether it’s a religious ceremony, a festival, opening of a conference, or even a dinner at nice resorts, a traditional Balinese dance will be performed to welcome the attendees and kick start the occasion – a unique gesture that has captured the hearts of many.  

Photo Essay: Coastal Lives on the Island

A lot is happening on Bali’s coastlines. From the fishing villages to ceremonies and sea salt farming and leisure and weekend playgrounds for the residents, the beaches of Bali are always buzzing with life. HOMAGE TO THE GODS  Seen here is the Melasti purification ceremony held on the beach of Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and

Bali’s Traditional Children’s Games

We all know children learn through playing and by using their imagination. However, with technology, children nowadays are missing out on the real fun of traditional games that their parents and grandparents played during their childhood. Indeed technology-based games are helpful in stimulating a child’s brain but there are more benefits derived from playing traditional

Bungaya: Behind The Tourist Door

As a tourist in Bali, you see a lot of strange and wonderful things happen – these are the things that keep Bali alive and buzzing with that astounding energy. Recently the Bali Aga Village of Bungaya put on an amazing performance that should keep the local area enjoyable for some time to come. Amongst

Life on Bali Coasts Through a Lens

The coasts of Bali are celebrated for their vibrant life in the fishermen villages, the breathtaking colourful skies during sunsets especially on the south coast, the serene, secret beaches that beg to be explored by responsible travellers, and the some of the best surfs in the world that lure many experienced surfers to ride them.

Life in A Bali Aga Village

Life carries on there pretty much as it always has. Until the 1970’s, it was one of the most secluded villages in the country and it is still the most beautiful of all the Bali Aga (Bali’s original people) villages. Even the advent of television and the ubiquitous hand phones have done little to slow

Balinese Women

The Salt of The Earth: In Praise of Balinese Women

There is never a bad time to show appreciation for the Balinese women. The backbone of the culture and the glue that holds families and lifestyle together, the women of this beguiling island are something to be admired. Text and photos by Jill Gocher (Ayu Sekar)  Whether working in the padi fields, carrying bricks to work

Bali’s Beautiful Rejang Girls

The Rejang dance is one of Bali’s most beautiful and visually stunning; featuring a troop of young, fully decorated girls, it is a dance of elegance and grace.  In the isolated communities of Karangasem, life goes on much as it has for centuries. Of course, now, many of the young leave home to take a

Balinese Nature, According to Agung Rai

    For the Balinese people, nature is the source of life. Nature nurtures us, and it so powerful that we need to respect it. Sunrise is the light of the Gods – It is so beautiful and artistic. Visitors in Bali should really take their time and explore the nature of the Island properly.

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