Colour Fun: Painting Pots for Tots with Jenggala

Drawing, colouring and painting are not merely just fun activities for the children, it is an exciting adventure conveying imagination to reality, a process that develops their brain tissue and a medium to experience all the fascinating colours the world has to offer. There are many places in Bali offering drawing or painting classes for

Kartika D. Suardana

Taman Nusa: Around Indonesia in One Day

Wondering where to take the kids during your stay in Bali? A tour around Indonesia’s archipelago without leaving the island may sounds good for the entire family. This kind of tour doesn’t need a collection of air tickets and a long itinerary. We just need a drive to Tulikup in the Gianyar Regency where Taman

Kid’s Time at Peek A Boo Bali

Whether you live in Bali or are just here for a visit, your little ones will definitely need to be scheduled for play time where they can freely run around, play, and share toys with other kids they just met. You can consider bringing the kiddos to Peek A Boo, a huge play ground situated

Little Creators: Arts and Crafts for Kids

Children are always open to new things, and when they are young they absorb knowledge and learn new skills so easily. Therefore, as parents we should introduce them to a variety of positive environments and allow them to explore their own abilities through constructive activities which aim to challenge them, raise their talent, spur creativity

The Bali Lego Shop

  The Bali Lego Shop in Beachwalk Shopping Mall has now closed – to discover all of Bali’s shopping malls visit our article: The 6 Best Bali Shopping Malls Lego is obviously popular amongst the youngsters these days. Targeting children below 13 years old, playing Lego can be both fun and educational. This unique toy can

Planning A Kids Party in Bali

Before all the streamers and balloons comes a bit of planning. And planning a party for your little ones is like a road trip – getting there is half the fun. Deciding on the theme, decorations, and activities makes the days leading to the event like part of the celebration itself. But if you think

Bali’s Junior Sports Academy For the Active Child

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The quote puts it right in place. Playing is without a doubt every child’s birth right. It comes to them naturally, and they are the best at it. But nevertheless, playing should not be taken casually. When inculcated with a sense of strong discipline and

Balinese Dance Classes for Kids

Dance is the most beautiful form of expressing yourself. It brings out the best in you and sets you free. It is an art well-practiced and appreciated around the globe. Balinese dance is one such enticing dance form. Popular all over the world for its elegance and colourful nature, this dance form is very unique,

Five-Star Care: Bali’s Swanky Kids Clubs

Keeping your kids busy and entertained can be one of the toughest challenges you face on a family holiday. Here at NOW! Bali, we want you to experience a relaxing and stress-free holiday, which is why we are recommending some of our favourite kids clubs in some of the finest establishments on the island CHILDREN’S

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