Where should you take the kids this evening? While there are many entertaining evening activities for adults, there are few that cater a parents’ need of entertaining  and keeping their kids busy after sunset. Bali Safari Park, situated on Bypass Ida Bagus Mantra – Ketewel, is one of the few that offers amazing evening experience for the entire family.


It takes about 30 minutes drive from the Sanur area to reach the park, passing through scenic sea views alongside of the road. The park lies on 47 hectares of land, of which most of it is left as it is and some are carefully designed to resemble the natural habitat of more than 60 species of animals living in the park.

The park opens as early as 9am, which is definitely a good time to start your safari, going through the African Savannah, Indonesia Rainforest and Indian Savannah by the safari tram.  Or opt for a private safari by 4×4 jeep, and get the most personal safari exploration and personal interaction with the animals in the park.



But, another life in the park begins after 6 pm. This is the time where you and the kids get to see various nocturnal animals and enjoy the creepiness of walking in the dark under the watch of owls. The walking safari creates a more intimate experience in observing the behaviour of various night crawlers. It also allows you and kids to go at your own pace. The guided safari begins with a serene walk through the home of nocturnal birds where several species of owls peacefully perch on branches. Not only birds, there are also fruit bats, turtles, crocodiles and porcupines.

The guide provides a bunch of information about animals we encounter along the way. And yes, you get to see Komodo, one of Indonesia’s native species too. Not only that, the bridge on top of the Komodo sanctuary takes you to the open area where the lion is conveniently enjoying the evening breeze.


What about the elephants? Yes you can definitely meet the elephants. They are even waiting for the visitors at the end of the path before the entrance to the Bali Agung Theatre. You have plenty of time to meet, greet and take some snaps with the gentle giants. Right after the entrance of Bali Agung Theater, the park has converted the theatre lounge into a warm Balinese village, exhibiting Balinese traditional shadow puppets, astonishing Balinese Hindu offerings, and Balinese traditional architecture. Delightfully, those who welcome the visitors are Balinese themselves, some of which can be seen doing daily works such as making offerings, and taking care of their roosters. Kids get amazed with this experience, they are even allowed to hold the roosters if they want to.


Another highlight of the night is the safari journey in a mobile cage. This is the only time we get to experience how it feels to be in a cage while the animals are watching us from the open. The cage ride aaherbivores with a bunch of carrots and greens provided by the park. It really becomes a thrill once the cage tram enters the carnivore area where the park ranger then feeds the tiger. Obviously the activity interests the tiger so much that they even jump to the top of the cage to get their share.

The experience is neatly end with delectable BBQ Dinner at Nkuchiro Bar & Grill, an outdoor restaurant embellished with a scenic view of the park and Mara River Lodge. Get ready to hear the kids talk non-stop about this amazing day full of experiences.

Bali Safari and Marine Park
Address: Jalan Bypass Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra Km. 19.8, Gianyar
Phone: +62 361 950 000
Website: www.balisafarimarinepark.com