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Elegantly situated along the pristine coastline of South Lombok, discover a tranquil seaside escape a short 30-minute drive from Lombok Airport: Amber Lombok Beach Resort. Immerse in an oasis of serenity and refined luxury, graced by mesmerising landscapes and picturesque panoramas, this exquisite retreat beckons globetrotters to unwind and bask in the sophisticated simplicity of its ambience.

Perched gracefully on the shoreline, Amber Lombok Beach Resort is blessed with an unparalleled setting that grants guests a seamless blend of tranquillity and luxury. Boasting sweeping vistas of crystal clear waters and breathtaking sunsets that paint the sky in crimson gold hues, providing an idyllic oceanfront retreat that promises a memorable tropical getaway.

Luxurious Accommodations in Sophisticated Comfort

The resort welcomes guests to stylish comfort and sophistication, boasting 65 beautifully appointed and spacious accommodations, including 11 private pool villas, 20 suits, and 35 rooms. Each accommodation is adorned with handcrafted furniture, neutral-coloured linens, and soothing accents of earth tones, creating an ambience of timeless elegance and calmness. For those searching for the ultimate indulgence, opulent accommodations provide private terraces with plunge pools, offering a haven of relaxation in complete solitude.

Outstanding Dining Experiences

When it comes to the dining experiences, the resort’s Bayside restaurant and lounge welcomes the most discerning diners to savour its culinary delights. From tantalising themed dining nights to gourmet specials and beachside picnics, guests are spoiled with an epicurean journey that celebrates the flavours of the region. For romantic dining experiences by the beach, the intimate dining cocoons woven from bamboo provide a unique experience, while the beachfront lounge beckons late-night libations beneath the starry night skies.

A Sanctuary of Rejuvenation and Relaxation

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Guests seeking to embark on a path of holistic wellness and rejuvenation can head to Mukti Spa, offering various exquisite treatments from invigorating body and facial treatments to revitalising massages. This spa sanctuary offers a quiet oasis where guests can unwind, recharge, and restore balance to the mind, body and soul.

Boundless Explorations and Adventures

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For adventurous guests looking for exciting activities during their stay, the resort offers a variety of thrilling activities such as surfing, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, and paragliding. Guests can also immerse in the local culture with several activities including buffalo sightings on late Saturday afternoons, followed by evenings spent indulging in innovative cocktails under the dazzling night skies.

Discover a truly unique tropical escape at Amber Lombok Beach Resort, designed to satisfy your heart’s desire with its curated experiences. Whether you’re longing for a serene seaside getaway, exploring the local culinary delights, in need of relaxing wellness treatments, immersing in the cultural experiences, or seeking exhilarating outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone at the resort.

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Amber Lombok Beach Resort
Torok Bay, Selong Belanak, South Lombok
+62 843 3875 3290

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