Bali After Covid-19 | Special Episode

This week on The NOW! Bali Podcast we share a special episode outside of our usual cultural series. NOW! Publisher, Alistair Speirs OBE, takes over the airwaves and shares his thoughts on how Bali (and Indonesia) should recover from the financial fallout of Covid-19. Based on his widely read article ‘After Covid: What Next?’, also

Alistair G. Speirs

Kaja, Bali’s True North | Episode 3

In Bali, north has a different meaning. North, or Kaja, is towards the mountain, Mount Agung to be exact. It is the direction towards the spiritual, where the Balinese orient themselves towards. This orientation is found throughout Balinese structures and is all about orienting oneself with the universe.  We bring this podcast to you weekly so please subscribe to

Yoga at Home with Erin Kindt of Odyssey Mvmt

Are you itching for a yoga session? Well, even though the majority of yoga studios and shalas are closed in Bali, that’s no excuse for getting on your mat and settling into Child’s Pose or enjoying a proper Vinyasa flow! Subscribe to ‘Home Life’A Monday newsletter with new recipes, movies to watch, workouts to try,

NOW Bali Podcast Episode 2

Keeping the Balance in Bali | Episode 2

In this second episode of the NOW! Bali Podcast, we share the unique way in which the Balinese Hindu perceive disaster as well as deal with disaster. This is a nice segue into the discussion of ‘balance’: how mankind is at the centre of balance between ‘good’ and ‘evil’; and the purpose of ceremonies and

NOW Bali Podcast - Episode 1

Jero Gede Mecaling, Spreader of Death & Disease | Episode 1

This is the first episode of The NOW! Bali Podcast, an audio experience of Bali through stories surrounding culture, heritage, folklore and more. We bring this episode to you weekly so please subscribe to stay up to date! In this debut episode of The NOW! Bali Podcast, we share the story of Jero Gede Mecaling,

The NOW! Bali Podcast – Episode List

Bringing you the richness of Balinese culture, heritage and history through this specially curated audio experience, NOW! Bali aims to create a deeper appreciation on why Bali is a truly unique destination not only in Indonesia, but in the world. The NOW! Bali Podcast shares mythology, folklore, cultural explanations and insights that shed a light

Home workout with Coach Vincent

Home Workout by Coach Vincent

Whilst gyms are closed, you’re stuck at home or you’re simply avoiding big crowds, keeping your regular exercise routine at home is hard – that’s why we’ve started this ‘Health & Wellness’ category as part of our ‘Home Life’ series. We know that being home all the time probably means overeating – we’re the same!

Yudi Hendarsyah Ju-Ma-Na Bali Mixologist Smoke and Fog

Yudi Hendarsyah : Smoke & Fog

A guy who knows his way around any bar; Yudi Hendarsyah ‘s international experiences have landed him key positions in some of the world’s most renowned hospitality brands such as the W in Bali and Maldives as well as the Four Seasons in Riyadh. Starting out in the food and beverage industry, Yudi Hendarsyah became

Ayip Dzuhri Mixologist Bali Alila Seminyak Seasalt Restaurant 2

Ayip Dzuhri : Samudra

Crowned as Indonesia’s ‘Bartender of the Year’ in the Diageo World Class semi-finals and bar show 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand, Ayip Dzuhri is the head mixologist at Alila Seminyak; so those in search of post-office-hour evening caps, or just afternoon cooling cocktails at Seasalt are definitely in for a treat!  Ayip Dzuhri may seem quiet

Arey Barker BIKINI Bali For Figs Sake Cocktail

Arey Barker : For Fig’s Sake

A household name in the world of Indonesian bartending since 2014 when he won the Indonesian leg of the DIAGEO World Class Cocktail Competition, Arey Barker is a lovable character with plenty of charm and charisma, and a ton of talent. He started his career as a bartender in 2006, at 18 years old, and

Made in Bali Sea Salt NOW! Bali

Bali Sea Salt : Traditionally Farmed Salt Made in Bali

Watch the first episode of ‘Made in Bali’, a mini-documentary series by NOW! Bali, focusing on Bali sea salt and one of its traditional farmers. Bali Sea Salt Farmers Bali sea salt is one of the lesser known produces made on the island. This artisanal salt is not being exported en masse at it continues to be

Now Bali