Art has a long history on the island, and really was one of the early lures for tourism to the island back in the 1920s, since then the art industry has grown and grown and Balinese artists today find themselves on the global art stage. 

To help us navigate the interesting art landscape in Bali, we’ve invited one of NOW! Bali’s contributors, Richard Horstman, to share his thoughts. In this episode he shares a brief history of Balinese art, explains where art is today on the island and also his vision on how to grow this special art ecosystem for the future. 

Richard Horstman (left) and Edward Speirs (right) – Podcast recording at Genesis Creative Centre

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Correction: Richard is no longer Contributing Editor Indonesia for Asian Art News & World Sculpture News, as stated in the introduction.

About Richard Horstman

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Richard’s role is as a mediator, or ‘bridge’, between the public and the art world, to aid in the communication of art and its understandings. He contributes articles and essays to the print and online media, and exhibition catalogues, while actively communicating with artists, curators, collectives,  galleries and art spaces, art lovers, collectors and the public.

Podcast recording in action, at Genesis Creative Centre.

Since January 2018 he has held the position of  art columnist for NOW!Bali Magazine and from late 2019 he was temporarily the Indonesian Contributing Editor for Asian Art News & World Sculpture News Magazines, along with regularly contributing to UbudLife magazine and the Jakarta Post newspaper.

Richard is the advisor at Ubud Diary, an art tourism presenter, and is well known in Bali for his contributions behind-the-scenes. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Bali Art Society 2014-2015. One of his current projects is the compiling of data and information for his upcoming Bali art guide book to be published in 2021. On 30 November 2019 he launched his book Ubud Diary: Celebrating the Ubud School of Painting – the Diversity of the Visual Language.

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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