This episode’s topic is born out of the social unrest surrounding Black Lives Matter (or BLM), and has inspired us to discuss and explore the ideas of embracing and celebrating differences.

Whilst BLM is centred around systemic racism in the US, many countries have their own form of ethnic, cultural or religious oppression. In Indonesia, this has long been centred around religion.

In this episode, we focus on the pillars of acceptance that have helped Indonesia and Bali remain relatively unified despite vast differences in ethnicity and religion. We show parallels between the US and Indonesia, explore the country’s founding principles and dive into the many ways Bali showcases religious tolerance which other places can learn from.

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Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

Edward, or Eddy as he prefers to be called, is the Managing Editor of NOW! Bali and host of the NOW! Bali Podcast. He enjoys photography, rural travel and loves that his work introduces him to people from all walks of life.