Mapping Bali – Coffee

The flowers appear at the beginning of the rainy season. There are 3-4 buds in each flower cluster, and each tree can produce thousands of flowers.  A tree in full bloom looks like it is dusted with snow, and fills the surrounding area with a delicate aroma. The harvesting and preparation of the beans is

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Mapping Bali – Kebun Culture

Kebun Culture When traveling through the hillsides, both north and south, it will quickly become clear that you are not in rice country any more, these villages owe their livelihoods to the fruit trees and coffee bushes that thrive at these altitudes. There is a wide variety of cultivated plants in these areas. Within a

Mapping Bali 34 – Singaraja, The Old Capital

The major city in the north is Singaraja, in fact until the middle of the 20th century it was the only major point of entry to Bali. Singaraja was a flourishing place in those days with separate quarters for the Europeans, Bugis, Chinese and Arab inhabitants. Singaraja had temples (both Hindu and Confucian), mosques and

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Ngayah: A Temple’s Ritual Activitation

There are other preparations besides preparing the temple grounds, other important elements of ritual life that can take years to develop and perfect. This is the music and dance that will accompany the temple activities. Most of the musicians and dancers are from the village itself, sometimes outside artists are invited to help out but

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