Mapping Bali – Coffee

The flowers appear at the beginning of the rainy season. There are 3-4 buds in each flower cluster, and each tree can produce thousands of flowers.  A tree in full bloom looks like it is dusted with snow, and fills the surrounding area with a delicate aroma. The harvesting and preparation of the beans is

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Starbucks in Bali Goes Greener with Paper Straws and Recycled Plastic

PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, the official licensed operator of Starbucks Indonesia, announces that all stores in Bali will be using new ‘greener’ material that are better for the environment. The much discussed single use plastic straw will be replaced with a durable paper straw, whilst the plastic stirrer will be now made from wood, plus

A Five Course, Food Art Pairing Dinner

The soft-opening of Living Food Lab’s first Canggu location will see a food-art collaboration between the Living Food Lab kitchen, headed by chef Pauliina Salmenhaara, and artist Windee. For this five-course dinner, each dish is paired with one artwork. Curated by Windee and Pauliina, learn about the five artworks chosen as inspiration for each of

Natural Flavours of Maha Coffea

Started in 2017, Maha Coffea is specially roasted Indonesian coffee beans. Meaning “great coffee tree”, the brand works together with local farmers to consistently produce superior quality coffee from great coffee trees, which are being conscientiously taken care of. No pesticides or chemical fertilisers are being used throughout the plantation, and the beans are thoroughly

Bali Cafes : 13 Great Spots for Coffee, Cakes and Tasty Bites

Whether travelling through or resident here on the island, we all share one addiction: coffee! Bali has a unique combination, firstly it is part of one of the best coffee producing countries in the world, Indonesia; secondly it has had an amazing influence from the café gurus of Australia. The result is an array of

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