Empowering Bali’s Women Artists: Futuwonder

During the year a small, yet enthusiastic gathering of volunteers set out to make a very significant contribution to Balinese art. “Puan Empu Seni: Edit-a-thon”, was conducted on the 7th of July in Bali within a fun and learning environment at Rumah Sanur-Creative Hub. It was a part of a national drive to increase the amount

Balinese Art Patronage Now & Then

Balinese art has a rich and unique history dating back over 400 years. Originally the work of artisans from the East Javanese Majapahit Empire (13-16th Century), this special narrative style of painting expanded into Bali in 1343 when the Majapahit conquered Bali, introducing the Hindu culture, and institutions. A Short History of Balinese Art The Kamasan

Budi Agung Kuswara: Art’s Real Values in Perspective

Art plays distinctive and irreplaceable roles within the development of a healthy society. Art offers us opportunities to be inspired, become more educated and aware, as well as to observe the thoughts and feelings of our fellow man. The best contemporary art is essential to our well being, having something important to say about the

The Titian Prize: Recogising Extraordinary Balinese Artistic Talent

The Bali art infrastructure is undergoing important transformation. This renewal is a timely, yet a long and unique process, the intended outcome, however, will be a sustainable art eco system on the island. The benefactors will be new buyers, seasoned collectors, art lovers, the curious, and of course the artists themselves.  The Bali art infrastructure

Now Bali