Prana or life energy, otherwise known as chi, is the name of my favourite spa in Bali. Designed with an exotic Moroccan / Indian look, it has the feel of a well loved Turkish Hamam (the famous steam bath and massage centres). Gold and burgundy are the colours of its decor, with an aura that relaxes and intrigues, as does the scent of exotic herbs and perfumes. It is the prefect place to come for a treatment, secure in the knowledge that whatever you have, will be first rate.


Feeling a little out of balance, I decided to go and try one of their Ayurvedic treatments and after perusing the extensive menu, decided to settle on the 90 minute Soma.

spa-shirodara-oil-treatment_editI lay down gently on the big massage table in the delightfully dim room, ready for the best. Soon trickles of warm, very warm, herb infused coconut oils are trickled onto my body and the two ladies proceeded to start the massage. Strong and gentle the two ladies synchronise their movements so well that you are not really sure whether there are two hands or four.

The soothing warmth of the oil and the rhythmic massage sends a lulling message to the brain and in minutes I have sunk into a state of deep, deep relaxation. Oh if only it could last for days. Soon stars are appearing in my mind as I descended down, down into deeper and deeper states of being. Images form in my brain and my creativity seems to peak, before entering a state of deep slumber.

After some time I awake to turn over, but soon, I am lulled and soothed with more warm oil and strong hands. It is over all too soon – the 90 minutes of treatment seemed to have passed in seconds. I still needed to collect myself into a state of readiness to stand and carry on with the day.

The treatment known as Soma employs ancient Ayurvedic techniques that has been around in India for about 5,000 years. Warm herbal oils have always been a part of the soothing therapies and in India, if you make it to an Ayurvedic retreat, and snoop around in the back rooms, you will see piles of freshly harvested and dried herbs of all descriptions, ready to be infused into the precious healing oils.

Ayurveda is a gentle but strong healing modality that works with nature and the human essence to bring a body to full health. It involves the antithesis of the “bandaid” style of western medicine that works to erase the symptoms, rather than locate and cure the cause.

Several Ayurvedic inspired treatments are available at Prana, which includes Soma that I enjoyed and the 240 minute rejuvenation Package which involves the practice of Shirodara – one of the most famous of the Ayurvedic range. This treatment involves the pouring o
f warm herbal oils over the forehead in the vicinity of the mmm chakra. For the relief of stress and an overly active brain, this is highly recommended. It can relax your thoughts in minutes, and so much more effectively and naturally than any chemical compound issued by your doctor can.

Prana has many other treatments that can be as simple as a massage, or as relaxing as a full day of luxury pampering. They also offer a range of detox and healing treatments, guaranteed to soothe the mind and body.

Prana Spa
A : Jl. Kunti I No.118 x, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
T: +62 (361) 730 840