A Stunning East Bali Wedding at Candi Beach Resort & Spa

Experience the most memorable wedding of your dreams at the stunning Candi Beach Resort & Spa, where the tranquil ambience seamlessly blends with the beautiful scenery and natural charm to present the ultimate wedding of a lifetime. Bali’s natural beauty makes it one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world, where love-struck couples

Brian Sjarief
Jivva Beach Club

Eat Streets of Bali : Out of Town

One of the important components that define an enjoyable trip while venturing this island is having good food with excellent views. Sometimes, food is one of the reasons travellers return back to this island for another extended stay. There is no doubt that the list of restaurants in Bali is never-ending. You can browse through

Taman Ujung Water Palace and the Enchantment of East Bali

The spectacular coastal roads of eastern Bali is an adventure in its own right, with green hills on one side and stunning cliffs and raw ocean views on the other. Many of the villages don’t really receive a large number of visitors, thus ideal for those who wish to avoid tourist crowds. Karangasem in East

Tirta Gangga and The Palaces of East Bali

Karangasem in East Bali was once a powerful kingdom with captivating landscapes, fascinating history, boisterous traditional markets, and grand palaces. Today, a visit to the regency allows travellers to step back in time as they wander through the beautiful, manicured gardens of Karangasem water palaces. If the walls at these Bali palaces could talk, they

Bali’s Beautiful Rejang Girls

The Rejang dance is one of Bali’s most beautiful and visually stunning; featuring a troop of young, fully decorated girls, it is a dance of elegance and grace.  In the isolated communities of Karangasem, life goes on much as it has for centuries. Of course, now, many of the young leave home to take a

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