Century Old Ceremonies

We’re sure you already know that Balinese culture and beliefs date back centuries. Religion is inseparable from everyday life, from simple daily rituals to grand temple festivals. No opportunity is lost to worship their gods in an unending series of ceremonies; mantras are chanted endlessly. Barong Procession in Baturiti In Baturiti, one of Bali’s most

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Riding The Bull– Bali Style

Have you ever been to a place where teams of tame buffaloes (kerbau pepadu) are dressed up like kings or lions and raced around a dirt track pulling highly decorative little carts? These carts bear jockeys. The brave jockeys stand up like heroes and push their charges to greater speeds. The less brave sit down

Sanur’s Sacral Side

A whisper came to me from a friend – a fabulous ceremony would be happening in the PuraDalemKedawatan at the northern end of Sanur. I quickly whispered the news on to a couple of other colleagues and on the appointed day, made my way down to Sanur’s salubrious flatlands. The temple was already busy by

Sauh Munyi – A Promise to the Gods

  The practice of oath taking is very common among the Balinese. It takes the form of barter. “If I am bestowed this favour from the gods, I will fulfil such and such a promise”. It can also apply to a promise between humans. “If I get what I wish for, I will do this

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