Green Cycling Through Ubud

For some people, travelling is only about finding new spots for Instagram or Facebook posts. However, travelling will only make a difference when you get new adventures or experiences. Cycling in Ubud can be an idea to be considered. Popularly known as the ‘Town of the Artists’, Ubud is one such place on this island

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Discovering the Treasures of Gianyar Regency

Gianyar is characterised by its terraced rice fields, dense forests, and dramatic, rolling landscapes. Nature really stands out in this region, and so do the region’s villages of naturally talented artists and craftsmen. Coming through Jalan Tohpati to Gianyar, you’ll drive through Batubulan, the region’s village that is home to the island stone carvers. This

Pura Puncak Luhur Sari: The Temple of Love

William Shakespeare has his Romeo and Juliet, and Bali has its similar tragic love story. Sitting on the top of the hill in Kalianget village, North Bali, is the gravesite of Jayaprana and Layon Sari, the island’s ‘Romeo’ and his beloved ‘Juliet’.  Pura Puncak Luhur Sari, or popularly known as Pura Jayaprana, is a landmark

The Green Belts of North Sumatra

Indonesia’s third largest province, North Sumatra is where Toba, Earth’s biggest volcanic caldera, formed around 1.3 million years ago. Incredibly diverse and still relatively untouched by tourism, it is a place with awe-inspiring wonders that one must visit at some point in their lives. We put together a curated list of three natural attractions in

Taman Ujung Water Palace and the Enchantment of East Bali

The spectacular coastal roads of eastern Bali is an adventure in its own right, with green hills on one side and stunning cliffs and raw ocean views on the other. Many of the villages don’t really receive a large number of visitors, thus ideal for those who wish to avoid tourist crowds. Karangasem in East

Up, Up and Away: North Bali Escapades

Whilst the southern coast dominates Bali’s tourist scene, it is only a fraction of what this island offers. If you travel up north, towards island’s old capital, Singaraja, you’ll find a different kind of Bali – a Bali that  you and your family will surely love. First stop is the iconic Lovina Beach of the

A Mas Wood Carver Crafting a Barong Mask

Rural Gianyar: Art, Adventure and Local Life

Away from the glitz of Ubud, rural Gianyar is characterised by its terraced rice fields, dense forests, and dramatic, rolling landscapes. The vastness and beauty can be quite startling to visitors. Any visitors approaching the area will appreciate it, and it is worth stopping just to absorb the beauty of it all. As the second

Discoveries in Kintamani: Beyond Batur

Who would’ve thought that there would be so much more than a lake and volcano of Batur on the hilly region of Kintamani. Here, in addition to observing some of the most astonishing views on the island, vistas that will likely leave you breathless, you can also learn about the island’s religious history and multiculturalism.

Bali On Foot: A Walker’s Wonderland

“Walking is a man’s best medicine”. It is hard to live by that quote with all the advanced transportation options available these days. The possible fact that walking solves many of your health problems, even if presented with shreds of scientific evidence, doesn’t seem enough to persuade us to manage one brisk 10-minute walk a

Lombok: An Escape Across the Wallace Line

  The warmth of the sun, the wind in hair, and a good book to read, my voyage to Lombok was filled with sunny days, and warm breezes. The short geographical distance between Bali and Lombok can hardly represent the actual differences between these two islands. Lombok has a drier, more arid environment, and having

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